Best Construction Work Boots Of 2016

Best Construction Work Boots

Best Construction Work Boots

What Is The Best Construction Work Boots?

Working in construction isn’t only very strenuous and tiring, it also exposes you to various dangers that may affect your job and your life in its entirety. During work, you may have already noticed that the most exposed part during the course of the day is your feet – whether you’re lifting, walking or doing any other tasks you can think of.

Your feet are prone from falling heavy objects, you may also encounter stray nails that may puncture your shoes, or you may even encounter slippery floors or walk onto platforms with electric current. This kind of dangers are far from impossible when it comes to this kind of workplace and this makes it a must for you to obtain nothing short of the best construction work boots.

The best construction work boots possible for you to gain should at least have the capability to defend your fit from all kinds of dangers mentioned or not mentioned in this article. It should have supreme durability and sturdiness to back up its protective capabilities and more preferably, it must be equipped with innovative features that will give you sufficient support and comfort which will surely greatly impact your work prowess positively.

I’ve done my own share of research to get the product that stands at the pinnacle of this category. To lend you a helping hand, here’s the list of the best construction work boots I’ve found, which will surely spell wonders for you and your job experience.

1. Timberland Pro Pitboss

Serving the pinnacle of protection with comfort, this Pitboss work boot from Timberland had gained the attention and rave of various users around the globe which guarantees how reputable it has become during its years on the shelves. With this equipped on your feet, you won’t have to worry about any obstacle may it be falling objects or electrical currents.

It’s designed with protection at the top of its list and has been rigorously tested and proven to do what it claims to do. The steel toe feature of this boots can protect your from 50 pounds of falling object and a compression of about 25000 pounds. The boots are also highly rated when it comes to electrical hazards and is guaranteed to be undefeatable even by 600 volts of electricity.

The boots are also slip and oil resistant and is constructed with Goodyear welt which reassures its quality and durability. It’s even lined with a unique Agion Antimicrobial material to make sure your feet is fresh even after working hard. Your fatigue will also be minimized with this boot as it has excellent arches and support through its unique system called Comfort Suspension which provides superior shock absorption throughout the day.


  • Has steel-toe boots for supreme protection, electric-proof up to 600volts and oil and slip resistant.
  • Has ‘Comfort Suspension’ System that aims to bring shock absorption and support for supreme comfort
  • Has Agion Antimicrobial material as lining to retain freshness of feet even after a day


  • Expensive
  • May took some time to break-in
  • Heavy

2. Thorogood Men’s Composite Safety Toe Gen Flex Work Boot

This stylish-looking safety work boots is guaranteed to be non-metallic, however, don’t let its construction fool you as it definitely is superior in terms of protection and features when compared to your average work boots.

The protection this work boots serves its user with is guaranteed and approved by various certification and its electricity resistance is also surprising as it can defend up to 18000volts with no problems at all. No matter how disastrous-looking your place is as well, you won’t have to worry about slipping or anything as it’s also oil and slip resistant through its unique Dual Density outsoles called Gen Flex II.

It’s integrated with bar anti-roll heel support and is constructed with Goodyear Storm Welt which contributes to the products comfort, along with a mesh lining that allows it to be extremely breathable as well. This topnotch boot combines everything you are looking for in an excellent construction boots.


  • Can defend up to 18000 volts and has non-metallic construction that even provides supreme protection.
  • Oil and slip resistant while providing supreme support with bar anti-roll heel support.
  • Extremely breathable with Mesh lining and made with high quality product for durability and reliability.


  • Expensive
  • There have been some users who had durability problems with the product
  • Not water resistant

3. Caterpillar Men’s Endure Superduty Steel Toe Boot

This work boot is dubbed as one of the best boots to be equipped for industrial work which makes it a perfect fit for construction workers. It’s one of the leading products in the market today and one of the most prevalent feature it boasts is its superior waterproof prowess that seems to be absent in many work boots today.

The upper leather of this unique work boots is 100% waterproof and guaranteed to be leak-proof for fresh and dry feet all the time. It’s even integrated with a unique insole made of Anti-microbial Ortholite that prevents bacteria and odor from existing, rendering your feet fresh no matter how strenuous your work becomes.

Aside from the waterproof prowess, it’s also constructed with high quality materials and leather, infused through unique iTechnology construction, which guarantees its superior durability and toughness. It also has excellent support through padded and cushioned insides that gives it a stupendous shock-absorbing ability.


  • Constructed with iTechnology paired up with high quality materials and leather that guarantees its toughness and durability.
  • Provides supreme waterproof prowess and Ortholite Anti-microbial for fresh and dry feet all the time.
  • Provides great support and shock-absorbing capability


  • A bit expensive
  • There are some problems users experienced with the lace of the product
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