Best Hiking Boots For Flat Feet Of 2016

Best Hiking Boots For Flat Feet

Best Hiking Boots For Flat Feet

What Is The ​Best Hiking Boots For Flat Feet?

It’s definitely very tempting for anyone to try and discover everything around the globe. To travel everywhere, walk miles and miles, or even traverse mountains and see the world from the sky above after exerting your full effort. Nothing is definitely more rewarding than feeling this kind of accomplishments.

However, for those who are suffering from flat feet, accomplishing this kind of feats may be near-to-impossible if done with simple hiking boots or shoes. Because of the arch of their feet being flat, they will always touch the ground as they walk. This is not painful, however, this puts a lot of stress for an individuals which makes them incapable of traveling long distances, much more, hike in those condition. But, with the best Hiking boots for flat feet, you can say goodbye to such worries.

The best Hiking Boots for Flat Feet will make it possible for you to traverse even the most treacherous paths. With this prowess, you can even walk long distances while indulging on an unrivalled support that no regular boots can render you with. It must be a boots that will make up for that arch on your feet that you’re missing and it should also provide stable support and control as you move.

Other than this, there are also supreme products out there that have tons of other benefits that makes them part of the upper echelon of the industry. Flat-foot individuals such as yourself definitely needs all the help you can, therefore, this list of the best hiking boots for flat feet will surely render you with that ‘help’ that you’ve been seeking.

1. Lowa Camino GTX Hiking Boots

When it comes to bringing supreme comfort, support and overall experience to various hikers and even those with flat feet, Lowa is surely one of the first brands you’ll search from. More specifically, this Camino Hiking boots is one of the best ones in their line of products when it comes to stability and support which it offers.

This is certainly important for those with flat feet and of course, the good stuffs about this product doesn’t end there. It has tons of features to maximize the comfort while hiking: It has nylon shanks and Polyurethane Midsoles that cushions and supports feet all day long; has supreme breathability with Gore-tex liners that are also waterproof; along with polyester linings with moisture-wicking prowess. It’s also incredibly proud of its vibram outsoles of rubber that cleans itself while possessing great grip and traction which are necessary for hiking.


  • Provides supreme comfort with Polyurethane Midsoles, nylon shanks, gore-tex liners and moisture wicking, polyester linings.
  • Has vibram outsole for great traction and grip which is also self-cleaning.
  • Provides flexible and durable support all day.


  • More cushion would have made it better and longer-lasting.
  • Sizing issues may occur.
  • Extremely expensive.

2. Asolo Power Matic 200 Hiking Boots

This is irrefutably one of the most revered hiking boots today for both flat-foot users and regular users. Though it costs heaps of money, many users were still satisfied with what they’ve got. It offers unparalleled stability, support and comfort while guaranteeing that your feet will stay dry with its waterproof feature.

The core of this product is its Midsole Technology called the ‘Power Matic’ which also comes in multi-dimensity. Behind this great midsoles, you’ll be able to see polyurethane that’s thrice in density compared to regular cushions out there, with some key areas that are emphasized for better support, absorption of shock and firmer stability.

It also has Gore-Tex Liners that are seam-sealed which guarantees its waterproof prowess and optimum breathability. It’s made with full-grain leather which makes its durability evident which is also full waterproofed at the same time. Lastly, when traversing uneven and treacherous terrains while hiking, you’ll be supported with its Vibram Outsoles with superb traction and Asoflex Thermoplastic feature that will protect your feet from possible bruises and impact.


  • Will provide supreme protection and support with its vibram outsole, asoflex thermoplastic feature and more.
  • Provides stable and supreme cushioned support with Power Matic Midsoles.
  • Has Gore-Tex Liners for top-notch breathability and waterproof prowess.


  • Extremely Expensive.
  • Some users claimed that it only lasted for months when they expect it to last for years.
  • There are some users that had problems with its soles.

3. Salomon Quest 4D GTX Hiking Boots

Great looking, supreme supportive performance, durable and has excellent protection features – this Salomon Hiking boots has all of these paired up with its lightweight feature that will allow you to have nimble movements while traversing the mountains even with your flat feet. It comes with an upper part made of nylon mesh while having an overall structure built with durable suede leather, which all guarantees to bring you lightweight, breathable and flexible experience.

It comes with waterproof prowess that also guarantees to help keep your feet dry and cool with its Seam-sealed Gore-Tex structure. It has a unique Urethane Thermoplastic midsole called its 4D Advance Chassis which brings it the supreme stability, ankle support and flexibility it can offer to users.

You also wouldn’t have to worry whether you face wet or dry grounds as you’ll surely be kept stable and firm with its Contagrip rubber outsoles. Your feet will also feel more comfortable and fresh than ever with its anti-microbial Ortholite Footbet that also increases shock absorption by leaps and bounds.


  • Extremely comfortable and provides unique support performance, stability and flexibility with 4D Advance Chassis.
  • Guarantees to keep your feet dry with its Seam-sealed Gore-Tex that’s also waterproof.
  • Provides supreme traction, support and stability with contagrip outsoles.


  • Extremely Expensive
  • Sizing issues may exist.
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