Best Leather Boot Conditioner Of 2016

Best Leather Boot Conditioner

Best Leather Boot Conditioner

What Is The Best Leather Boot Conditioner?

Whether your boots are for work or for fashion purposes, both categories are exposed on some of the most rigorous abuses you experience all throughout the day. This is apparent especially if you’re constantly walking around or working, using your feet and boots to traverse various paths while stepping on different elements from pools of water, grimes and other forms of dirt that may exist on your path.

This occasions may not seem much to you, but unknowingly, they all accumulate and work together to degrade your boots faster than you can imagine. If you want to bring more life to your partner boots, purchase the best leather boot conditioner that will do the job perfectly.

The most common misconception that users have on conditioners for leather is that they are mainly for cleaning, but it’s not simple as that. You can use polish to make it look good as brand new, however, it won’t fix and strengthen its protection. With the best leather boot conditioner, your boots will be able to retain and even recover some of its fiber’s flexibility.

Losing the flexibility of leather from excessive liquid absorption is one of the primary reason why your boots fall apart and with the conditioner, you’ll be able to lengthen the life of your boots. Aside from this, the product must also be easy to absorb by leather and must be a great value for your money. Here are some of the best leather boot conditioner which will surely be able to accomplish this kind of feat in no time at all.

1. Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

Ask someone who uses a leather conditioner and you’ll surely be guided to this Leather Honey Condition that will certainly bring you an excellent experience in moisturizing your shoes. Like other prevalent leather conditioners, this product also doesn’t reveal their lists of ingredients out in the open, but it will certainly not pose any concern since it’s guaranteed to be non-toxic which means it’s extremely safe.

It is water-based and has a clear and transparent color paired up with a decent smell that’s not overpowering even in the slightest which is excellent. Though the product claims to produce no oily residue, the conditioner has this oily feeling to it as long as the leather still hasn’t fully absorbed it yet. After a few coats, it is guaranteed to soften your shoes and moisturize it to a certain extent while leaving behind an alluring, great smell to it.

The water-based texture the conditioner makes it a bit tricky to apply since concentrating it evenly is hard, there’s still no doubt that it will produce satisfactory results even when you use it on a footwear that’s extremely old.


  • Has non-toxic, water-based formula that gets absorbed quite easily by leather.
  • Guaranteed to moisturize and soften even old leather shoes after only a few coats.
  • Smells great


  • The water-based consistency makes it hard to get an even distribution
  • The product leaves a bit of oil residue
  • A bit expensive for a leather conditioner

2. Meltonian All Purpose Shoe Cleaner + Conditioner

Price doesn’t guarantee the quality of the product and this conditioner is definitely the existing proof of that. Though it inclines on the more affordable side of this category, it’s undoubtedly one of the most effective when it comes to moisturizing and strengthening your leather shoes. It has a wax-free formula with no residues which makes it easy to apply and it boasts not only conditioning prowess, but also a very effective cleaning capability that will make your shoes look polished and new in no time at all.

This all-purpose cleaner isn’t only effective for shoes, but can also be used on most leather-made material, but not on Napped, Nubuck or Suede leathers as there are some users who definitely didn’t like the outcome it produced on them. When used correctly, it will certainly provide your shoes with incredible toughness and durability against cracking, water and even stains.

The product also polishes and cleans well, but it was found that it doesn’t do well when it comes to removing stains. For best results, the product suggests for you to intricately follow its directions and you’ll surely be good to go.


  • Wax-free, residue-free formula that allows easy and worry-free application on most types of leather.
  • Cleans, Polishes and renders leather with incredible toughness even against cracking, water and stains.
  • Moisturizes leather greatly


  • Doesn’t work on leathers like Napped, nubuck and Suede
  • Isn’t very powerful in cleaning deep stains.
  • May lose the color of leather if you don’t follow directions

3. European Leather Restorer

This leather conditioner is one of the highest-rated product in the industry today and you’ll surely find that its effects will certainly live up to its reputation. Not only does it remove grimes and other dirt from your leather material, it also creates a nourishing and protection effect that will irrefutably allow your possession to live longer.

It’s made from highest quality Swiss oils for tanning with no silicone or solvents. If you use it on old leather, you’ll surely find that its incredible prowess will allow it to restore and revitalize the material all in all. Using it on a somewhat newer product, will allow that product to retain and even improve its softness, making it a complete must-have for you. Users also love the fact that not only is it effective, it even comes in an odorless formula that’s deeply love by all kinds of users.


  • Has great odorless formula that cleans and nourishes shoes.
  • Revitalizes old shoes while retaining softness of newer ones.
  • Easy to apply and can be used on all types of leathers with its excellent formula with no silicone or other solvents.


  • Expensive.
  • There are some users who claimed that its effect only lasted for quite some time before it needed to be re-applied again.
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