Best Logger Boots Of 2016

Best Logger Boots

Best Logger Boots

What Is The Best Logger Boots?

There’s definitely no doubt that being out in the woods, taking down trees and bringing home lots of huge logs, is one of the hardest tasks you can ever meet in your lifetime, but for loggers, such difficulty is already a part of their lives. This also goes true to the fact that aside from the extreme difficulty it possesses, the logging industry is also by far, one of the most dangerous industry not only in US, but all over the world.

This makes it evident that to make sure that your chances of keeping yourself safe even in the midst of such dangerous environment, you’ll need to have safety gears that are at the pinnacle of the choices available for you. This means that you also need the best logger boots you can get.

The best logger boots offers supreme safety to its users, while also rendering them with innovative features that will make logging a whole lot easier than ever. Aside from keeping your feet from harm’s way, these products will also allow you to have a more stable foot hold whether you’re on flat ground or even on inclined and steep slopes.

You’ll also be more comfortable if you pick those which waterproof or even mud-proof, allowing you to give your all without any worries that’ll bug you. If you want to have one of this in your arsenal, then here’s a list of the best logger boots that you’ll surely end up loving.

1. Chippewa Men’s Waterproof Steel-Toe Super Logger Boot

Aside from the falling lumber as you cut trees, there are still a lot of elements that may become the source of unexpected events while logging. This may include electric shocks if you ever find yourself using heavy machineries to ease your logging operations, or unprecedented situations where you meet harsh weather and environment.

With this Chippewa boot, you won’t have to worry as it has enough feature to keep you ready from any situation you may face. It is insulated which means that you won’t have to worry about electric shocks and being waterproof, it means that you won’t have to worry about the soggy, uncomfortable feeling of getting your feet wet in harsh weathers which will also help you traverse floods, swamps and muds a lot more comfortable than ever.

The insulated pads and ‘Ruby Dri-Lex 2000’ Linings also makes sure that your feet stay dry the whole day while also keeping it warm if the weather is cold. It also provides superior support with steel shanks that are triple-ribbed, along with orthotic insole, Goodyear welt and full-grained leather that guarantees its durability.


  • Provides superior comfort with its ankle-support through a steel shank that’s triple-ribbed.
  • Has insulated pads along with ‘Ruby Dri-Lex 2000’ Lining that prevents electric shock, keeps feet warm and free from sweat.
  • Waterproof and extremely durable with Goodyear welt and Full-grain leather materials.


  • Expensive.
  • Some users claimed that the ankle support wear out fast.
  • Some experienced sizing issues while buying the boots.

2. Timberland Pro Men’s Rip Saw Comp Toe Logger Work Boot

Timberland has continuously proven itself to be one of the top players of today’s industry bringing some of the greatest products that workers all over the world have seen. This makes it seem natural for them to have released one of the best logger boots as well. This logger boot aims to render users with supreme comfort and support all throughout a hard work day through some of the most innovative features like its Anti-fatigue Technology that comes in Dual-density.

This will help absorb shock and support key areas on your feet while bringing back excess energy so you’ll find yourself in tip-toe condition at the end of the day. It’s lightweight, but its protection is definitely not something to sniff at. It is completely durable and has structural support coming in steel shanks.

It also boasts an abrasion-resistant, slip-resistant, puncture-resistant and waterproof features that will keep you always ready for anything. It also has Goodyear Welt material to keep you safe from intense heat along with an anti-microbial mesh lining to keep your feet fresh and odor-free.


  • Supreme support with steel shank structural suppor with Dual-density Anti Fatigue Tech that absorbs shock while returning energy.
  • Oil and slip-resistant, abrasion-resistant, puncture-resistant and waterproof.
  • Lightweight, comes with Goodyear welt, Antimicrobial mesh lining, vibram outsole and an Exclusive ‘Independent Suspension Network’.


  • Extremely expensive.
  • Some users claimed that it’s heavier than advertised.
  • Not fully waterproofed.

3. Danner Men’s Super Rain Forest Logger Work Boot

Danner has yet again explicit its grand reputation with this logger boots that will work well even if used for heavy indoor activities. With this product, you’ll surely be able to indulge on an unparalleled protection, comfort and even flexibility that you won’t see in just any regular products today.

Though its price tag is undoubtedly a lot steeper compared to other products, it will surely be worth it if you want nothing short of the best today. It comes with a breathable feature to keep your feet comfortable and fresh at all times through its Gore-Tex that also makes it waterproof. Its alloy toe protection also guarantees unrivalled protection without the disadvantages of metal material.

To make sure that its durability will live up to everyone’s expectation, it also comes with double-leather feature that’s bounded with triple stitches for long-lasting usage. It has a fair duration of break-in period, paired up with outsoles that have excellent traction.


  • Will render a completely comfortable experience with well-made structure from the highest quality products.
  • Comes with alloy toe protection for unrivalled safety, while being lightweight and extremely durable.
  • Has great vibram outsoles, along with waterproof and breathable prowess with its Gore-Tex feature.


  • Extremely Expensive.
  • Not the best Temperature-control feature.
  • There are some who experienced sizing issues with this product.
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