Best Mountain Bike Shoes Of 2016

Best Mountain Bike Shoes

Best Mountain Bike Shoes

What Is The Best Mountain Bike Shoes?

Feeling the wind as you pedal your bike harder is undeniably a heavenly feeling that all bikers would understand. If you’re a bit more adventurous and have been biking for quite some time now, have you ever thought of Mountain Biking?

The name says it all, it means biking in the mountains and of course, with your reliable and trustworthy mountain bike. However, to make your experience go seamlessly perfect when the time comes, it is empirical to have the best mountain bike shoes that will serve you with supreme comfort and flexibility that’s a must when you found yourself in the mountains.

You may think that the best mountain bike shoes may be easy to find as cycling shoes are already a common thing for you. Erase that kind of thought as there’s a fine line of difference between your regular cycling shoes and this kind of product. Most shoes for mountain bikes don’t have big cleats.

This is to allow bikers to go off and on the bike easily when in the mountains. This is incredibly important as mountain biking is not all about being fast, but overcoming the obstacle in an efficient and safe manner. You must check out their treads as well as this will allow you to walk with your bike shoes unlike road cycling shoes.

Lastly, durability is always one of the keys if you want to get the most out of your experience. Here are some of the sweetest and best mountain bike shoes which you’ll surely be more than happy to check out and even purchase.

1. Shimano XC51

Shimano is one of the best brands in this category that many bikers have totally been obsessed with. This exemplary and eye-opening model from the brand, the XC51, has one of the best designs in the industry that combines performance, reliability and durability all together.

Its midsole is made with reinforced nylon to provide the power you need to traverse treacherous paths with your pedaling while on the sole’s outer edge, you’ll notice rugged lugs which allows users to walk easily with the shoes when off the bike. Its clip is also easy to put off and on the pedals through its innovative cleat with less tread.

You’ll also notice that the product is not breathable and this is because it has made up its mind to offer supreme protection by enclosing itself to the maximum point possible. The closure of the shoes comes in the form of the Ratchet buckle which is easy to adjust and is very durable. Many like stiff shoes out there and although this may not be the stiffest, it will still aid you in a comfortable ride that would last for countless rides.


  • Midsoles made with Reinforced Nylon provides supreme power while sole’s outer edge rugged lugs makes it easier to walk with the shoes.
  • Cleat has less tread which makes it easy to clip off and on the pedal.
  • Extremely comfortable and has easy-to-adjust, durable closure.


  • Expensive
  • Not the stiffest.
  • Not breathable as it is too enclosed

2. Pearl Izumi X-Project 1.0

This award-winning shoes is undoubtedly the best pal you can ever wish for if you’re ever striving to mountain climb with your bike quickly and with more ease. This gorgeous pair of shoes will surely make your mouth water as it definitely stands out from the crowd. This minimalist shoes fits perfectly like a glove and is incredibly lighter than any other cycling shoes you may have seen or used before.

It has seamless closure system that guarantees protection, however, its materials are definitely not thick enough to bring your feet superior safety. It has unique and beautiful carbon-fiber sole with great grip, traction and flex, allowing you to have smooth experience even if you use it for walking.

Though the product is lightweight, it is also designed to have a transfer of power that’s second to none, allowing you to have efficient and maximum output as you pedal your bike up the mountains. The shoes is undeniably a complete package with everything you need, which definitely makes it a worthy investment for bikers out there.


  • Extremely lightweight and very comfortable to wear as it fits perfectly and is made of high quality material.
  • Has superior closure system and Carbon outsole that provides sleek and easy biking and walking experience.
  • Provides enough support to give you comfortable experience and enables you to have maximum output of power.


  • Expensive
  • It has very little foot protection

3. Giro Privateer

If you’re already sweating and thinking that there may not be great choices for your available budget, don’t fret as this product is the one you’re looking for. It will provide you with outstanding rating when it comes to fit, durability, construction and sole, rendering you with a versatile product that will definitely be a great value for your money.

The shoes provide comfortable experience with its high quality materials from its EVA footbed, up to its microfiber upper material. It has lugged dual-density outsole with Zytel Nylon Sole to provide you with excellent pedaling capabilities, enough to keep you travelling with your bike up the mountains for hours.

However, the outsole isn’t really that flexible and versatile, which makes it pretty hard to work on slippery surfaces. It’s also rated to be not fit for walking which means that you won’t be able to get off from your bike as frequent as you may have planned. Still, for its price, the product is definitely worthy of recognition.


  • Lightweight, has comfortable microfiber upper material and EVA footbed that renders supreme support and comfort as you ride
  • Has stiff, Lugged Dual Density and Zytel Nylon Soles
  • Has great power transfer and extremely affordable


  • Users found it to be not fit for walking, especially running.
  • Not good for slippery surfaces.
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