Best Parkour Shoes Of 2016

Best Parkour Shoes

Best Parkour Shoes

What Is The Best Parkour Shoes?

Parkour has been a huge hit these past few years and though it’s very tempting to join this extremely cool sport, it’s definitely not something that everyone can participate to in a leisure manner.

Aside from passion and keen sense, you must have a fit body that will allow you to engage on the swift and dangerous tricks involved on doing parkour, along with the tons of gears you must equip before you start doing it. They must all bring you superior protection to guarantee your safety and excellent experience. One evidently important equipment you must have is the best parkour shoes.

It is apparent that parkour involves your feet a lot. Whether you’re running or jumping from one building to another, your feet will be exposed to most of the work needed and the dangers that comes with it.

The best parkour shoes to fit this kind of needs is hard to find given that there are no specific footwear out there for this sport. However, avid fans of this sport have done all their best and managed to get hold of footwear that matches this strenuous activity. Let me render to you some of the top and best parkour shoes loved by professional people of this sports.

1. Vibram Cross Training KSO Shoes

Running barefoot definitely allows you to exercise your maximum potential when it comes to movement, however, this potential is cut by a lot when using shoes as it will definitely hurt to run barefooted. With this KSO shoes from Vibram, you will be able to revel on a barefooted experience that will allow you to parkour more freely than ever.

The five toe slots for your feet renders you with supreme dexterity, stability and control of your movement. Its sole is about 4.7mm thick, with no cushions, but it definitely has superior insoles that will allow prevent you from getting injured or bruised during your performance. It’s definitely comfortable enough to allow you to move in a carefree manner and it will even serve you with ground sensitivity like no other shoes can offer.

This means you’ll be able to relish on a better, barefooted experience paired up with its superb traction and grip that will allow you to run even on slippery surfaces with no trouble. To guarantee that your feet remains fresh all throughout your strenuous activity, it’s equipped with midsoles that acts as the cushions and is constructed with Antimicrobial Drilex that will prevent and eliminate bacteria.


  • Provides supreme barefoot experience with zero-profile and five toe-slots that will allow you to reach the pinnacle of your movement, dexterity, speed, stability and control.
  • Renders comfortable experience even without cushions and is equipped with Antimicrobial Drilex to elimate bacteria and retain freshness of feet.
  • Provides support you need in comfortable, dexterous movement and is easy to wash


  • Expensive
  • The sizing of the shoes is pretty small which may pose a problem to those with big foot.

2. Merrell Trail Glove 2

Merrell has indeed took their game a notch higher through this minimalist shoes that will provide you with one of the best barefoot experience that can eve match up to the Vibram shoes. Though it doesn’t have the five-toe feature, it fits incredibly well to its user and provides enough space for your toes to explicit their utmost potential as you run and move.

This will allow you to revel on an experience that will feel like your naturally running barefooted which is what most runners would love to have. This shoes is integrated with an Outsole from Vibram and this rendered it with an excellent boost in terms of control along with a traction that’s rivaled by none.

This traction and gripping capabilities from Vibram will allow you to move with ease and worry-free even if you find yourself on slippery surfaces or more. It also has excellent ground sensitivity, though not as great as the KSO shoes from Vibram, and it also exhibits great breathability through its comfortable mesh upper.


  • Has great traction, ground sensitivity and fit which makes it a perfect fit for those who are looking for minimalist shoes.
  • Renders great boost in control and stability through excellent grip and traction
  • Extremely breathable, comfortable and flexible


  • Expensive
  • Its protection isn’t that excellent which is why users suggest to wear socks with it.
  • There are some users who didn’t like the narrow arch on the mid-foot part.

3. Asics Gel Venture 5

This stylish-looking shoes that may look a bit bulky will definitely not make an impression that it’s great for running and this is exactly why it has surprised many users already when it comes to its comfortable, flexible and versatile usage that will allow you to wear it anywhere. Though bulky, it’s undoubtedly lightweight and extremely comfortable to use for running and even for parkour.

It doesn’t possess cushions which makes it apparent that it’s a minimalist shoes as well, but it definitely packs quite a lot of protection and support that will allow you to have a stable control over your movements. It’s made with high quality materials and the upper layer of the shoe is constructed with mesh that makes it incredibly breathable and lightweight, making it a complete fit for even the most strenuous training or activity.

The Venture 5 is extremely versatile and can be used for the most common jogging task, down to the most extreme runs and jumps through uneven terrains and you won’t have anything to worry about due to its sturdy build. It has superb traction and grip with its AHAR outsole with unique pattern that will allow you to remain optimum stability and control even on slippery surfaces.


  • Minimalist shoes that’s lightweight and has no cushions, but has extreme comfortable and protective characteristic.
  • Provides superb support and has great traction and grip through its AHAR outsole.
  • Versatile, Breathable and can be used anywhere


  • Some users experienced fitting problems with the product, especially on its tightness
  • Users claimed that arch support of the product is a bit lacking.
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