Best Pull On Work Boots Of 2016

Best Pull On Work Boots

Best Pull On Work Boots

What Is The Best Pull On Work Boots?

In the midst of your work, especially if you’re in the industry where you’re everyday exposed to dangerous elements like huge machineries that are incredibly prone from accidents, then having a work boots is definitely indispensable.

However, though work boots bring you complete protection from accidents, it also boosts your work performance by allowing you to indulge on more than this protection. Also, what’s better than this other than getting a boots that you can just slip your feet on and not bother about tying it up? I’m talking about the best pull on work boots.

The best pull on work boots are designed to keep workers comfortable by supporting the key points they have on their feet. This guarantees a fatigue-free work, less stress and the ability to give all your best without worrying about getting blisters and more. Also, there are other more innovative choices out there that you can pick from which will satisfy you even more.

Not only this, they also look incredibly compelling which will make you proud to wear them even when not at work. If you’re wondering where you can get the products that can be considered to be at the pinnacle of the industry, then here are some of the best pull on work boots that you’ll surely find to be irresistible.

1. The Ariat Workhog Pull On Waterproof Boot

There are many great products, especially work boots, on the isle of choices provided by Ariat, making it one of the most revered and renowned company today. This makes it no mystery why their pull on work boot has received critical acclaims from various users across the globe. This hi-cut boots is completely waterproof which makes it evident that you’ll be able to carry it outside worry-free, no matter what the season or weather is.

You’ll also be guaranteed that the quality and durability of the boot is supreme compared to other regular products out there since it possesses goodyear welting and full-grain leather on its materials list. It also comes with a Duratreat outsole which is simply breathtaking as it can clean it self while rendering your path, track-free. Its Hi-Cut design also provides you with safety and guarantees that you’ll always be on the right position as you stand and walk, which helps in reducing stress and preventing you from suffering metatarsal stress and injuries along with its EVA Mid-support for your foot and its patented Max ATS Technology.


  • Provides supreme support and with its hi-cut design, Patented Max ATS Technology and EVA Mid-support, you’ll be guaranteed a stress-free work experience while preventing you from getting injuries.
  • Made of Goodyear welting and full-grain leather, guaranteeing its supreme durability and quality.
  • Completely waterproof.


  • Several users experienced sizing issues while buying the product.
  • Some had problems with the quality of the ankle support.
  • Expensive.

2. Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-On Soft Toe

This model has undeniably caught the attention of innumerable amount of users around the globe and has served all them with the satisfaction they’ve craved for and deserved. It’s easy to wear since you just have to slip your feet in it and you’ll be immediately guaranteed with unparalleled comfort and protection from even the most rigorous and hazardous worksites.

Its steel toes feature is certified by none other than the ATSM and paired up with its Goodyear welt, it is definitely plain to see that it’s far outstanding than your regular boots. It comes with a pull-up leather on its upper portion paired up with thick cushions which will provide you with the comfort you need. For a more worry-free experience, its outsole is also non-slip, guaranteeing you that you’ll always be able to walk and stand stably. Aside from all of these, this caterpillar boot also prevents you from getting electrical shocks and even suffering from intense heat.


  • Slip-resistant, electrical shock resistant, heat resistant and waterproof.
  • Incredibly durable with Goodyear Welt paired up with steel toes that are guaranteed to be superior by ATSM.
  • Provides supreme comfort with thick cushions and pull-up leather material.


  • Longer Break-in Period compared to other products.
  • It is comfortable, however, the ankle support wears out fast which will heavily lessen your experience.
  • You may encounter sizing problems.

3. The Wolverine MultiShox Romeo Pull On Boot

Not everyone fancy the extremely hi-cut boot design like the ones above. If you’re part of the people who clearly doesn’t want those kind of boots, then you definitely must opt for this one. Though it’s hi-cut, it’s evident that its length is relatively shorter than other products out there, making it the best choice for you.

Other than this, the comfort, support and innovative features you can experience on other pull on boots is surely upgraded on this boots, allowing you to indulge on a more satisfying experience. This product will guarantee your safety, comfort and its durability with three of its most critically acclaimed factors that will surely convince you that it’s the one you’re looking for.

It optimizes comfort with its polyurethane material for its midsole, it possesses contour welt which guarantees its flexibility and durability, and it works like any other traditional work boots, but with the benefits of comfort served by athletic shoes. It also boasts its Multi shox system that provides pads and cushions on your feet to serve you nothing short of the most comfortable and stress-free experience. It absorbs shock, while making sure to give to you more energy. It’s also lightweight, but very durable and designed for rough tasks.


  • Has Multi-shox system that provides supreme comfort, absorbs shock and turn it into energy for a more stress-free experience.
  • Optimizes comfort with its midsole made from polyurethane material.
  • Has contour welt that guarantees flexibility and durability.


  • Sizing issues may occur.
  • Some say that it feels tight and some suffered uncomfortable experiences from its steel toe.
  • Long break-in period.
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