Best Shoe Stretcher of 2016

Best Shoe Stretcher

Best Shoe Stretcher

What Is The Best Shoe Stretcher?

It’s already a common knowledge that the best time for you to try on the shoes you want to purchase is by the end of the day when your feet is at its peak size. With this, we also take into account various qualities of the shoes that will enable us to experience a delightful and hassle-free time.

However, even when you’ve been really careful during the process and swear that you didn’t hold back in being intricate, it is still possible for your shoe to turn from a good fit, to something that you wouldn’t even dare to walk on. That’s where the best shoe stretcher plays its role.

Even when you’re really sure that the shoes you’ve bought is an excellent fit, there will come a time where your feet will swell or grew larger and your shoes may shrink even a bit. This will certainly degrade your experience. With the best shoe stretcher, you won’t have to worry about these scenarios as it will get rid of them in an instant.

However, not everything in the market will work for your shoes. There are many types out there which are meant for various footwear, paired up with different construction and builds that will surely make a world of difference from cheaper ones to those optimum choices. Here are the pinnacle, best shoe stretcher available in the market which may be just what you’re itching to have.

1. Footfitter Professional Two-Way Shoe Stretcher

Get this state-of-the-art shoe stretcher and you’re bound to never ever have any problems with any of your tight shoes or even if you just want to eliminate the area where you may be feeling pain. This tool, as the name suggests, provide two-way benefits as it will expand your shoe both by its width and length, providing you with pinnacle stretching prowess that will help you with any of your needs.

It is constructed with a beautiful, solid Rubberwood, guaranteeing its durability, while it has a steel-threaded rod that contributes to the reinforcement of the stretching mechanism of the product. This shoe stretcher has an intricate design with 12 holes for ‘Pressure Point Relief’ that works for both right and left shoe. However, do bear in mind that this stretcher isn’t for expanding your high heels or boots.


  • Extremely durable with its Rubberwood material.
  • Has Steel-threaded rod reinforcing its stretching mechanism for guaranteed effectiveness for expanding your shoe in both width and length.
  • Renders ‘Pressure Point Relief’ with its 12-hole design feature.


  • Won’t work with high heels and boots.
  • The flange of the stretcher has durability problems.

2. Stretch Genie Shoe Stretcher

If you’re looking for something that will fit right into your budget, then get this shoe stretcher that will truly, magically blow you away. This is a combination of a spray and a stretcher, which both contributes to an exemplary, quality mechanism that’s bound to render your shoes stretched and expanded as soon as you wake up overnight.

The spray is meant to be used inside the shoes as it is meant to keep those fibers relaxed and prepped up for the stretching that will follow. After applying the formula, you’ll just have to equip the stretcher to your shoe, and you’ll be good to go. This shoe stretcher claims to fit any shoes and allow it to expand to the most comfortable size for you. It only works for the width of the shoes on its insole, heel area, or the toe area.


  • Comes in a combination of Spray and Stretcher for superior stretching prowess.
  • Spray relaxes fibers so that the stretcher will be able to easily expand your shoes overnight.
  • Can be used for insole, heel or the toe area.


  • Only expands width.
  • Some users claimed it doesn’t work that perfectly.
  • Doesn’t fit all shoes and a bit trickier to use than other shoe stretchers.

3. Footsmart FitRight Two-Way Shoe Stretcher

Your feet isn’t the only part of your body that will feel the agony of a tight shoe as it will surely take its toll on you as you walk, getting you tired faster while also making it possible for you to obtain dreaded blisters and other injuries you wouldn’t want to have.

However, with this shoe stretcher from Footsmart, you won’t have to worry about any of this as this intricately-designed stretcher is made to expand the width and length of your shoes for that comfortable fit you’ve always wanted to have.

This stretcher’s material are all topnotch – from its premium steel, relief pods made of plastic, and polyurethane, which guarantees the product’s effectiveness and durability. The corn and bunion part of your feet will also have double the relief as long as you strategically equip the product’s special pressure ‘relief pods’. Just remember that you never should use this stretcher for high-profile boots or cowboy boots.


  • Two-way stretcher expands right and left shoe in both width and length.
  • Made of Premium steel and polyurethane.
  • Has Special ‘Pressure Relief Pods’ made of plastic to double the pain relief on your bunions and corns.


  • Doesn’t fit high-profile boots or cowboy boots.
  • Light duty which means that it isn’t very durable and fit for long time usage.
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