Best Shoes for Flat Feet of 2016

Best Shoes for Flat Feet

Best Shoes for Flat Feet

What Is The Best Shoes For Flat Feet?

Having a flat feet is more of a problem than you could have ever imagined. You may think that just with the lack of arch support, you’ll still be good to run flawlessly without feeling any pain or fatigue, however, that’s entirely wrong especially if you don’t have the footwear to compensate for it.

The natural arch of your foot renders the proper support for it, reducing the impact as you run or walk. Without it, you’re whole foot directly slams the ground which will cause it to roll inwards too much which is referred to as overpronation. The best shoes for flat feet will enable you to avoid this kind of problem and help you achieve a pain-free experience.

The best shoes for flat feet will provide you with the support and arch you need to overcome your predicament. With it, you’ll be able to get the perfect form as you run and walk, giving your foot the capability to support your body’s weight at its least amount.

This success will allow you to experience less fatigue and avoid possible injuries for your ankle, knees and foot. Shock absorbing capabilities, durability, sturdiness, comfort and innovative techs are also points to consider when choosing your partner. Choose one of these best shoes for flat feet I’ve prepared which countless users with the same problem you have, love and will surely swear on.

1. Asics Gel Kayano 22

Be astounded with yet, another innovative and groundbreaking follow-up to the Kayano line of products from Asics, the Gel Kayano 22, which undeniably surpasses everything about its predecessors by a huge margin. The brand definitely knows its game and to start off, they infused this model with a sleek and new system for Heel Clutching and a ‘FluidFit’ seamless upper construction that’s bound to render you with a perfect, comfortable fit.

It’s built with an outstanding ‘Impact Guidance’ System that’s meant to bring you the perfect form as you walk, dealing with your overpronation with ease. Its ‘FluidRide’ and Gel Cushions provide it with stellar support, impact-reduction and shock-absorbing capabilities, paired up with tough durability that will certainly complete your experience.

It’s also integrated with both Comfordry Liner and Lasting, keeping your feet fresh through its anti-microbial prowess and ever-improved breathability, granting you supreme comfort all throughout the day. It also serves unrivaled stability through its ‘Duomax’ Dynamic Support System. With this baby, you just won’t have the seamless movement you wish to have, you’ll also be guaranteed a comfortable experience despite your flat feet problem.


  • Has Impact Guidance and Guidance Line Material to improve natural gait of your feet and provide you with seamless movement and transition to deal with your overpronation.
  • Provides superior cushions with its Gel Cushion System and FluidRide.
  • Perfect and comfortable fit can be achieved through its Heel Clutching and FluidFit System.
  • Provides supreme breathability and anti-microbial aspect with ComforDry Lasting and Sockliner.


  • Expensive.
  • Toe box seems a bit narrow.

2. Brooks Beast 14

Living up to its name, this Brooks shoes is undoubtedly a beast when it comes to its overwhelming features that will truly solve your problems with ease. This update to the revered line of beast product from Brooks comes with all the latest innovative features and exceptional materials that will render you with supreme experience to-die-for.

It has a Stretchable TPU and Conformable Saddle to give you a perfect, stable fit for optimum support. It’s integrated with the brand’s BioMogo and DNA that provides its superior shock-absorbing prowess through its well-cushioned midsole that renders superb flexibility and responsiveness as well.

Its construction can also be compared to those of boots which allows it to be extremely comfortable beyond expectations. It also has topnotch breathability that will keep your feet dry and more comfortable than ever with its Mesh upper and lining that has moisture-managing capabilities. It’s also loaded with support for to bring your low arch into the right form, to give you the proper transition from your toe to your heel.


  • Has superior midsole and cushions through its Biomogo and Brook DNA, shock-absorbing material which also provides extremely flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Provides unparalleled fit and comfort with Stretchable TPU, Conformable saddle and lack of sew overlays.
  • Extremely breathable to keep your feet comfortable, fresh and dry with its Mesh Upper and lining.


  • Expensive.
  • Not the most comfortable since it prove to be too narrow for some.

3. Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 8

Give yourself an exceptional boost and energize each step you make through this unique and over-the-top model from Adidas. This shoe is most proud of its unmatchable return of energy with the help of its topnotch materials and technology that brings it all together. Various users revered its Boost Midsole which provides the unparalleled cushion system of the shoes which provides exceptional support for its superior return of energy.

It’s infused with a unique Torsion System and a Stable EVA Frame that aims to render your foot with the right guidance for a proper transition as you take a step. Adding to the perfect fit and arch support of the shoes is its Mid-foot Perfect Fit while the Engineered, stretchable mesh upper of the shoes makes it extremely flexible. It has a stunning Continental-rubber outsole that provides supreme traction in both wet and dry situations.


  • Has excellent cushioning and unique Boost Midsole to offer stellar support and superior return of energy.
  • Has EVA Frame and Torsion System to guide feet for proper transition as you take a step.
  • Stretchable with its mesh upper and provides great traction with Continental-rubber outsole.


  • Expensive.
  • A little heavy.
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