Best Shoes For Kickboxing Of 2016

Best Shoes For Kickboxing

Best Shoes For Kickboxing

What Is The Best Shoes For Kickboxing?

Kickboxing isn’t just for professionals. Even those who want to just simply work out or start to learn this martial art or sport, can freely engage on it even on your local gym. You may not find yourself to be UFC-worthy, but what matters it the experience and changes you’ll have after reveling on it.

Tempting and enticing as it may be to start warming up and learning the basics, you must first do a thorough check on the list of equipment you need to have if you want to indulge on nothing short of the best experience. Out of all the equipment in that list of yours, what you must be intricate most is picking out the best shoes for kickboxing.

There are lots of shoes in the market today and if you ask in the internet, many will be pretty unanimous in answering that the best shoes for kickboxing are definitely cross trainers. They allow superior ease and freedom in movements, while providing superior support, stability and control to every move of your feet.

With these kinds of prowess added to your arsenal, you’ll be able to execute kicks more efficiently, effectively and safely. If you want to have a successful experience, the best shoes for kickboxing will certainly help you attain it. Let me render you with some of the products that stands at the peak of the towering choices in terms of performance, comfort, reliability, durability and more.

1. Ringstar Fight Pro Martial Arts Shoe

If you’re an avid fan of Kickboxing, then you may have already heard of Ringstar which is a brand that was made for martial arts shoes by an outstanding champion of the sports mentioned. This guarantees that the shoe is adept and very fit for every kind of activity involved in this martial arts and sport.

From the basic forms up to actual sparring, you will surely be able to feel that the shoe makes a huge difference for your experience. It’s made with lightweight material, making it completely light and easy to move with. This will prevent you from getting tired just from the weight of the shoe itself, allowing you to exhibit your maximum capability every time.

The shoe is also highly flexible and it’s padded with durable protective layers to guarantee your safety and the shoe’s durability. The shoes is easy to wear as it comes in slip-on design and it has easy to open and adjust closure made of Velcro. The shoe also boasts the brands closed-cell foam and it’s even specifically made to remain strong even after having full contact with punching bags.


  • Lightweight and has topnotch material which makes it durable and comfortable to wear.
  • It has superior protection paddings that allows user to have maximum experience
  • Easy to move, easy to wear and specifically made for heavy workouts


  • A bit expensive
  • Not for outdoor use

2. Asics Gel Plexus Cross Trainer Shoe

I have been an avid follower of Asics recently and I definitely weren’t disappointed with their products. This product is the same and it will certainly help you greatly in your kickboxing career or workout. What this model is most proud about is its superior comfort prowess through its design that’s filled with lots of cushioning.

This renders its user with exemplary and topnotch support, stability and control of movement. It’s made with Mesh and Synthetic leather for its upper materials which rendered the product with enhanced breathability, lightweight feature, comfort and performance. You also wouldn’t have to worry about the fit of the product as it has a unique ‘Flexion Fit’ feature that serves what you call, ‘Form Fitting’.

The product has a lot of supportive features while it also possess a unique ‘Trusstic’ System that helps in reducing the sole’s weight for an improved performance. Its outsole is made from durable rubber, ensuring you that it has a sturdy and effective traction and grip.


  • Has Unique Gel-Cushioning System that provides the product with lots of cushions for high-quality comfort and support
  • Has Mesh and Synthetic Leather Upper Materials for Breathability and lightweight feature.
  • Possess Trusstic System that reduces sole’s weight and has Durable Rubber outsole for supreme traction and grip.


  • A Bit expensive
  • Users suggest that arch support could use more height

3. Adidas Low Top Martial Arts Shoe

This shoe was specifically developed and made in order to cater to people who aspire to have the perfect partner in training martial arts. It has unique and superb features, tech and systems that allowed it to be one of the leading products today which will serve users with unrivaled support, comfort, performance and more.

It has EVA Midsole that provides great support while the outsole is made of textured rubber that’s slightly wider and thicker than normal outsoles. It is also highly breathable as the product has mesh panels and supple lightweight leather upper materials that allows it to have exemplary ventilation for cool and dry feet all throughout your training.

It has fabric lining that contributes to comfort while it has an intricate sockliner which adds to the support for the arch. With this product, you’ll surely be able to go a long way with your kickboxing experience.


  • Specifically made for martial arts use
  • Lightweight and has EVA Midsole, fabric lining and sockliner which all contributes to the product’s comfort and support
  • Made with leather upper material which rendered it with topnotch breathability to keep feet dry and cool all the time.


  • Sizing problems may exist
  • Doesn’t have the best traction
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