Best Shoes for Overpronation of 2016

Best Shoes for Overpronation

Best Shoes for Overpronation

What Is The Best Shoes For Overpronation?

There are countless feet problems eminent in our society today. Some are naturally born while some are inflicted through injuries, diseases and more. One of the most common problem that many people have overlooked and regretted are flat feet which causes overpronation or the situation where your foot goes overboard in rolling inward.

As the problem suggests, having flat feet means that no arch is existing on your feet and this will cause you to have no support that will reduce the impact in every step you make. This may further cause you to grow tired faster or in worse case scenarios, injuries. If you want to run superfluously in a pain-free and worry-free manner, then it’s time for you to get the best shoes for overpronation.

The best shoes for overpronation are those that can deal with your flat feet through giving you the arch support you need plus a whole heap of other benefits that will surely give you a whole new experience whether you’re walking or running. It will correct your form and allow you to move flawlessly, reducing your fatigue, absorbing impacts as you walk, and decreasing you chances of getting injuries and such.

Of course, other than the actual foot support, you should also take into account the overall quality of the shoes you’ll buy and you’ll be good to go. To help you deal with your problem, I have formulated this list of the best shoes for overpronation that will surely provide you the help you need to walk with your head held high.

1. ASICS Gel Super J33

Asics has done it again and with the addition of this super J33 model to their natural collection, they have indeed solidified their position in the market today. The number 33 comes from the fact that this shoe is aimed to bring unparalleled support and connection to the entirety of the 33 joints existing on an individual’s foot.

The first noticeable excellence found on this state-of-the-art piece of equipment is its amazing lightweight prowess that’s available for both men and women. Flexibility, Speed and Efficiency in running is also improved further through the product’s Solyte Midsole, Smooth and stretchy upper, and a FluidAxis System.

To promote superior comfort, the toe-box of the shoes is also unbelievable wider than other products, rendering it to be extremely breathable and more comfortable than other shoes can offer. Its cushioning system is also evidently outstanding as it is promoted by its Gel-cushions that allows you to bounce rather than sink in every step you make when running.

This increases your speed, reduces fatigue and impact, and giving you the capability to perform at your most optimum level. It also has Guidance Line for superior stability which also promotes seamless transitions for the best running experience, all incorporated in a stylish-looking shoes that you definitely won’t regret buying.


  • Extremely lightweight, flexible and has roomy toe-box for superior maneuverability, comfort, flexibility and breathability.
  • Has outstanding support and cushioning system with its Gel-incorporated soles that contributes to speed, less impact and less fatigue.
  • Has Guidance line for epic stability and seamless foot transition all incorporated in a stylish-looking shoes.


  • Expensive.
  • May not be perfect for standing for long hours.
  • Not as breathable as advertised as it tends to be a little warmer than expected.

2. Nike Lunarglide 6

Revel on a flawless, smooth and phenomenal experience delivered by the new, innovative update to the Lunarglide line of product from Nike, the Lunarglide 6. This newly update is undeniably peerless in the industry and it will allow you to relish an experience as if you’re floating when you’re running through its comfortable and springy cushions that will reduce the impact you’ll receive along with eradicating fatigue and possible injuries.

It’s intricately engineered foam, wraps around the foot for the perfect, secure fit that will provide the optimum comfort you need. It has a heel clip and a Dynamic Flywire Tech which contributes to the product’s overall support plus its Dynamic Support paired up with a Lunar Cushioning system with dual-density which promotes a plush platform for superior comfort.

It also flaunts a reliable traction, supreme durability and outstanding maneuverability through its Pressure-mapped outsole. To complete your experience, the upper portion of this shoes is constructed with peerless breathability as well to keep your feet dry and comfortable all throughout your run.


  • Renders superior comfort, fit and support with its Dual-density Cushion, Engineered-foam, Dynamic Support and Flywire Tech.
  • The lunar foam incorporated on the product is the newly updated cushion from the brand which allows smooth and seamless transitions.
  • Equipped with Pressure-mapped outsole for guaranteed maneuverability, traction and durability.


  • A bit narrow and can’t fit those with wide foot.
  • Has durability problems and wears out after short mileage.

3. Saucony Ride 7

Specifically made to give that neutral gait for those with flat feet, this upgrade to the Ride product from Saucony will certainly give you a treat not only with its lightweight feature and comfort, but also with its outstanding performance that will make you more addicted to running more than ever.

This will render you with the perfect gait and form when running, allowing seamless transition and eradicating your overpronation problems swiftly. It comes with a plastic mid-foot shank that provides less weight, superior flexibility and abundant contact to the ground which will allow you to perform at your best.

It has an intricately designed Crashpad for the seamless transition of your foot along with a vertical flex-groove that promotes improved flexibility for your forefoot. It’s also equipped with a Power Grid Cushioning for your heel to toe and a moisture-wicking Run-dry Interior lining for supreme comfort and phenomenal experience.


  • Extremely lightweight and allows seamless transition with Mid-foot Crashpad and plastic mid-foot shank.
  • Provides Superior flexibility with vertical flex-groove and a power grid cushioning for additional support from your heel to toe.
  • Equipped with interior Run-dry lining for moisture-wicking effects to keep feet dry and comfortable.


  • Runs a bit narrow which makes it unfit for those with wide foot.
  • Expensive
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