Best Shoes For Servers Of 2016

Best Shoes For Servers

Best Shoes For Servers

What Is The Best Shoes For Servers?

Restaurants can easily be included in the list of most hectic places throughout the city. Day in and Day out, there are countless people going from here to fro to have a bite while taking leisure time in relaxing, resting or having fun with their companions.

In this hectic kind of place, the servers are one of the pinnacles that allow the restaurant to flourish and at the back of their outstanding performance are the best shoes for servers existing in the ever-improving market today.

In restaurants, servers rely greatly on their feet. They quickly act on every customer’s needs, maintain the cleanliness for them to have the optimum experience they expect, and maintain composure and stability all throughout the day.

Slip resistant features are extremely needed by servers since wet floors are often lurking around the area and this also provides them with supreme stable control even while walking fast. It is also important that the best shoes for servers you’ll get comes with top-notch material and design that will bring you comfort and sufficient support.

Preferably, since you’re out in the public while serving, the style of shoes should also not be compromised in order for you to have your head held high all throughout your service. To help you boost your performance and experience with your work, here’s a short list of the best shoes for servers that will undoubtedly be worthy investments.

1. Klogs Sierra

When it comes to being a server, it’s not enough to just wear a pair of black shoes just for the sake of complying to your workplace’s requirements or just to look a little more professional. Klogs knows this and with this Sierra shoes for Men, you’ll have both a simple, yet stylish shoes with all the features that will allow you to have a hassle-free day even if you work with all you’ve got.

The product is made from the highest quality leather that’s completely waterproof. Its slip-on design makes it very easy to wear and it has a very noticeable soft interior that will provide you with unparalleled comfort.

It even has superior shock absorber to bring you supreme stability and support, while its oil and slip-resistant features guarantee your safety no matter how hectic the situation you face. To increase your experience, the product also has a footbed infused with antimicrobial features that will render your feet fresh and dry all throughout the day.


  • Slip-on design is easy to wear and it has soft interior with shock absorption capabilities that makes it comfortable.
  • Oil and slip resistant to guarantee safety.
  • Has antimicrobial footbed for fresh and dry feet all throughout the day.


  • Expensive
  • There are some users who had durability problems with the product

2. Propet Maxigrip

Maxigrip is undeniably an all-time favorite that has been the rave of various users across the globe, may it be for servers or other jobs. Not only does its aesthetic prowess top-notch as it looks irrefutably professional, it also packs everything you desire in a shoes that will fit your hectic work in the restaurant.

It’s made with high quality leather that’s easy to wash and the lace-up design adds up more points to it in the appearance department. It’s guaranteed to be comfortable with its supple interior packed with perforations that will render your feet dry and cool all the time. It also provides sufficient support so you won’t get feel tired or sore on your feet through its heel counters, gel insoles and padded collar.

Its performance is also second to none as it has been proven to have one of the highest rating when it comes to durability, traction and grip. Add all these up with the fact that it’s also slip-resistant and you’ll surely find this product completely irresistible.


  • Has great design made of high quality leather that’s supple and easy-to-wash
  • Renders supreme comfort with cushion insoles, heel support and padded Collar.
  • Highly breathable and has exemplary durability, grip and traction


  • Expensive
  • There are users who had sizing problems with the product
  • There are users who experienced annoying clicking sounds in the toe part of the shoes.

3. Dansko Women’s Pro XP Pull Up Clog

Waitresses have their fair share of difficulty as well when it comes to serving in restaurant and when it comes to women, this Pull Up Clog from Dansko surely wins the heart of the crowd in an instant. The product guarantees superior comfort through its high quality leather material that rendered it supremely supple, while it has foam cushions that absorbs shock in order to bring you enough support as you work.

It’s also extremely lightweight and it has a roomy toe box that contributes a lot to the comfortable experience as well. Lastly, what the product’s most proud of is its innovative and over-the-top slip-resistant prowess that will without a doubt, exceed your expectations by miles.

Not only is the tread of the shoes completely slip-resistant, it also exhibits a unique technology that allows it to disperse water to bring you a godsend anti-slip prowess that’s second to none.


  • Integrated with unique anti-slip features that not only prevents slipping, but also disperses water away from user.
  • Has soft and high quality leather, roomy toe box and shock-absorbing cushion foams that provides comfortable experience


  • Expensive
  • There are some users who had durability problems with the product
  • There were some users who weren’t very comfortable with it.
  • Lightweight.
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