Best Shoes for Standing All Day of 2016

Best Shoes for Standing All Day

Best Shoes for Standing All Day

What Is The Best Shoes For Standing All day?

There are many footwear on the shelves of the market today, offering long lists of innovative choices that will help people with diverse problems. There are shoes aimed to keep you protected at work, shoes to bring you support for over long runs and walks, or even shoes that will soothe and ease foot diseases or conditions. However, you’ll surely notice that by the end of the day, there are only quite a few choices for the best shoes for standing all day.

Not everyone have active jobs to play out every day. Some are just meant to stand behind the counter, wait for orders, and more tasks you can think of that requires long standing durations. For this, the best shoes for standing all day would play a huge contribution to prevent you from feeling sore, fatigued or even injured.

Remember that your feet isn’t the only one pressured as it operates because other parts of your body may also feel the impact of standing all throughout the day. You need a pair of shoes that would cater to this and to bring you swift ease and erase your worries, here are some of the best shoes for standing all day which you’re bound to love.

1. Alegria Alli Burnish Black

Combining functionality, comfort, style and overall performance in a single piece of footwear, is this extravagant line of professional shoes from the revered brand of Allegria, equipped with topnotch materials and construction that makes it a phenomenal product you wouldn’t want to pass up. It has a reliable, slip-resistant outsole to guarantee your safety in any kind of establishment or environment you may be working at.

It has a beautiful upper portion constructed with Burnished leather in black color that renders it a sophisticated-looking appearance that’s also stain-resistant and very easy to use. Its outsoles are also amazingly structure to reduce stress and impacts through correcting your posture and form. Adding to the shoes support and comfort is a memory foam foot-bed with latex and cork.

It also has a generous, roomy toe-box that contributes to reducing the overall fatigue you may experience from various tasks. To complete the experience and give you invulnerability against the terrors of standing all day, is the product’s incredibly supple and dependable arch support.


  • Easy to clean and comfortable Burnished Leather in Black color that also makes the product look extravagant and elegant.
  • Provides superior support and comfort with innovative foot-bed with memory foam along with roomy toe-box which contributes to reduce fatigue and stress.
  • Has superb arch support and a stunning, slip-resistant outsole which also helps reduce stress on joints and muscles through its structured built.


  • Expensive.
  • Runs big which may cause problems for some users.

2. Dansko Men’s Pro XP Clog

Dansko has been revered throughout the globe as one of the brands that takes the comfort of their shoes very seriously. They intricately focus on designing, picking materials and testing their product’s overall quality and this iconic, phenomenal clog is one of their most outstanding creation that will surely exceed your expectations by a huge margin.

It has a toe-box with generous room to bring you more comfort and stability plus its upper portion is made by supple leather for a sweet, relaxing experience. It’s equipped with a padded-instep and a foot-bed built with memory foam to provide optimum comfort, cushion and support. The construction of this clog is also exceptionally lightweight which will reduce your fatigue and stress while the additional anti-fatigue bottom serves smooth transition of as you walk throughout the day.

Stability and lessened torque is also achieved with this state-of-the-art equipment through its reliable and unique Inner Frame. Topping all of this up is the product’s peerless, artistic look, making it a must-have for anyone who wants to turn their hard day of work, upside-down.


  • Extremely lightweight construction, toe-box with generous room and leather upper material provides superior comfort that will reduce fatigue and stress.
  • Has Foot-bed with memory foam, Anti-fatigue rocker-bottom and padded instep, providing exceptional cushions that contributes to product’s overall support.
  • Has slip-resistant, durable rubber outsole and inner frame for improved stability and decreased torque


  • Expensive.
  • May feel too tight for some.
  • Has considerable amount of break-in period.

3. Timberland PRO Men’s Five Star Meurice Shoe

Specifically made for those who need utmost performance, comfort and durability all in a pair of professional-looking shoes, this Five Star Meurice shoe is definitely something that would take your breath away and help you feel relaxed despite standing or even walking all day. It flaunts a unique Anti-Fatigue Tech that caters the product’s superior comfort and support paired up with a stunning leather lining on the shoe’s top collar.

The Anti-fatigue tech also consists of the adept and superb cushioning system of the shoes which will help you perform at your best without getting tired or hurt in any way. It also has a fiberglass non-metallic shank for added support while its outsole infused with Safe-Grip System renders a guaranteed, topnotch traction and grip over both wet and dry areas. The outsole is also made of the brand’s distinct thermal-plastic urethane which also has non-marking characteristic and provides excellent surface-contact.


  • Professional-looking shoes built with performance, comfort and durability in mind.
  • Has Anti-fatigue tech for superior cushions, comfort and support along with collar top that’s lined with supple leather and a fiberglass non-metallic shank.
  • Outsole is infused with Safe-grip tech and constructed with Thermal-plastic Urethane, giving it a slip-resistant, non-marking and excellent surface-contact characteristic


  • Expensive.
  • Some users experienced that the shoes wore out faster than they’ve expected.
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