Best Shoes for Underpronation of 2016

Best Shoes for Underpronation

Best Shoes for Underpronation

What Is The Best shoes For Underpronation?

When we walk or run, pronation always takes place and this pertains to the inward roll of your feet which it does in order to properly disseminate the force you receive, lessening the strain you’ll obtain while contributing to the prevention of injury and such.

However, there are cases when people have arches that are too high than normal arches, rendering them with underpronation that will definitely take its toll on your overall capability as your run. For this, the best shoes for underpronation will be the perfect fit for you.

Talking about getting the best shoes for underpronation can be more difficult than you can imagine. There are more overpronators out there than underpronators, and this means that more products are catered to the former group. This will leave you with less choice for your underpronation, which makes it difficult to find the perfect one that will leave you with the best support you can get.

To leave you with nothing to worry about, I have done my part of diligence in scouring the internet and managed to end up with a short list of some of the best shoes for underpronation that will certainly support your feet perfectly, while offering a comfortable and breathable experience all in a durable and tough design you’ll surely fall in love with.

1. Newton Running Gravity

This shoes has been the star of the lists of many runners with mid-to-high arches as it provides the right amount of cushioning to give you the support you need for a seamless experience. Its midsole platform is more than a perfect fit for underpronation as it provides sufficient control for supination and pronation.

It explicit a unique, energy return that’s far better than the usual features you see on other shoes, guaranteeing that it provides superior support for impact and shock-absorbing capability that will minimize your fatigue and allow you to run long mileage without even feeling it. The cushion are also at the perfect places as it provides supreme support without compromising the product’s flexibility.

The upper product of the shoe is made of lightweight and breathable mesh for invigorating comfort, paired up with metatarsal, anatomical stretch panels and a 360-degree reflectivity. It has S.h.a.r.c outsole with High-rebound EVA feature, a metatarsal sensor plate, and an Action/Reaction Tech embedded on its heel and midfoot.


  • Lightweight and breathable mesh upper guarantees comfortable experience.
  • Has superior cushioning at the perfect places which provides shock-absorbing and impact-resistant qualities that will render superior energy return.
  • Provides flexibility and fast turnovers through its vast quantity of unique features.


  • Expensive.
  • Some runners still had less stability with the product

2. Saucony ProGrid Triumph 7

Providing underpronators with the platform with superior stability and shock-dissipating features, this Saucony Triumph 7 is bound to be one of the shoes on top of your list. The feature it’s most proud of is the Pro-Grid and Respon-Tek full-length features that provides impact-absorbing and shock-dissipating capabilities for a guaranteed, comfortable and fatigue-free running.

It has breathable mesh upper equipped with reflective-accents and anti-microbial sock liner, for a superior comfortable experience that will allow your feet to remain dry and fresh all day long. It has a unique wick-lining, Hydrator Collar, and a cushion-booster through its Stroble HRC Board. It also flaunts an innovative and groundbreaking Saucony Super Lite EVA which enhances the shoes’ rebound capabilities for more support and energy return.

It has a blown-rubber material which magnificently combines cushioning and durability and a carbon-rubber outsole for unparalleled traction and grip.


  • Has SSL EVA, Pro-Grid and Respon-Tek for superior rebound, support, impact-absorbing and shock-dissipating capabilities for a stable platform for underpronators.
  • Has Breathable Mesh-upper and anti-microbial sock lining to keep feet dry and fresh all the time.
  • Made with Blown-rubber for perfect cushioning and durability along with carbon-rubber outsole for outstanding traction and grip.


  • A bit expensive.
  • A bit stiffer than its predecessor models.

3. Asics Gel-Nimbus 11

Just like other shoes in this list, this last one also has the perfect amount of cushions to support under-pronated users and give them the stability that will reduce their fatigue and allow them to be injury-free even after a long mileage of running or even walking. The model will surely live up to its price and expectation, surpassing its predecessors by leaps and bounds.

The trademark of this line of product is its Gel-cushion tech and it’s definitely evident in this model’s forefoot and heel part. Its midsole is also embedded with this gel feature that allows it to provide superior support and impact-resistant experience. The Asics Solyte Midsole material also allows it to be springier and lighter than other midsoles out there.

The upper, breathable air mesh of the product guarantees its breathability and lightweight feature for a more comfortable experience. Though its iconic design was lessen, it has improved its performance astronomically. The toe area is also roomier than ever while it was also integrated with a memory foam for its tongue lining and a heel counter with no stitches for an irritation-free and abrasion-proof experience.


  • Provides superior support through its gel-cushion tech, provided in all the right areas of the shoes.
  • Has Asics Solyte Midsole for springier and lighter support.
  • Has lightweight and breathable mesh upper for an extremely comfortable experience.
  • Abrasion-proof and irritation-free construction with tongue lining made of memory foam.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Has already become an old version.
  • Less iconic design
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