Best Shoes with Arch Support of 2016

Best Shoes with Arch Support

Best Shoes with Arch Support

What Is The Best Shoes With Arch Support?

Walking has already become a part of our life and with it comes are reliance to it every single day. Whether we are at work or with our family at home, walking has already become an inevitable task for us. However, on the flip side of the coin, we get tired out when we walk over and over again and there are some who gets tired out even faster.

Many has overlook this kind of problem, but getting tired out quicker than normal or obtaining a sore feet even when you know you haven’t walked that much all day, could be a sign of problems on your feet. For problematic feet like these, don’t go for just other types of shoes as what you need are the best shoes with arch support.

The best shoes with arch support differ from other normal shoes that just gives your feet a comfortable and breathable environment. Many of them don’t have enough support for certain points that your feet may need. This is where you need the arch support given by shoes that are aimed for such task.

With the proper choice, you’ll be able to give your feet the right boost to correct problems with your feet and walking, may it be supinating or over-pronating. If you’ve already noticed that you do have a problem with your feet, don’t struggle with your normal shoes and purchase one of these best shoes with arch support I’ve found over the internet that has truly become the hot topic for those in your category.

1. Brooks Addiction Walker

Experience the comfort, support and overall experience of a running shoe on a walker that’s deemed to be very addictive, all in a beautiful design you’ll always want to wear casually every day. It has a soft, full-grain leather material for its upper portion, guaranteeing a comfortable experience for you all throughout the day.

It has a durable, MoGo Midsole with the perfect amount of cushion, equipped with energy-returning feature to guarantee minimize fatigue and shock-absorbing prowess for supreme, relaxing experience. It also flaunts a Hydroflow feature for its forefoot and rear which contributes to the cushioning and shock-absorbing prowess of the product.

It provides strong and noteworthy support paired up with its stupendous outsole that’s made with slip-resistant prowess to keep you safe when faced with slippery and wet terrains or floor. Its arch support keeps pronation under control and renders a reliable and durable support for long mileages.


  • Soft, Full-grain leather material for its upper guarantees supple and comfortable experience.
  • Has MoGo Midsole and Hydroflow feature for both Forefoot and Rearfoot which renders superior support and shock-absorbing capabilities.
  • Has slip-resistant outsole and arch support to control pronation.


  • Expensive.
  • Sizing runs a bit small.
  • The sole had durability problems

2. Adidas Adizero Adios 2

This innovative and groundbreaking addition to the line of products of Adidas is indeed a game-changer that further implicates the dominance of the brand in the market today. With the aim of bringing a stable, comfortable and supportive shoe to runners, this product is undeniably your go-to choice whether you go running regularly or even if you’re up for competitions.

The lightweight design of this new line of product makes it very easy and comfortable to use. It boasts a unique Boost Technology which pertains to the bubbly elements on the soles of the product, which are durable and temperature-resistant compared to normal EVAs. The aim of this boost is to provide unparalleled support for a more comfortable and consistent energy-return as you run.

The Coolever material consisting the upper mesh is highly breathable and supple, contributing to the overall comfort you’ll experience that will ensure the dryness of your feet all throughout your activity. It fits perfectly, has a sock-liner, and an outsole made of continental rubber which provides topnotch grip and traction.


  • Lightweight and cushioned design allows supple and comfortable experience.
  • Has superior energy-return feature with its Boost Technology.
  • Has outsole made of continental rubber for exceptional grip and traction.
  • Has breathable, Coolever Mesh Upper.


  • Steep Price.
  • May be a little tricky to use for beginner runners.
  • Users claimed that it’s narrower on the upper portion of the shoe.

3. Vionic Women Orthaheel Action Walker

Not only men need the kind of arch support and comfort that will enable them to run or walk all throughout the day with minimal fatigue and no injury even after distant mileages. For those women in need of such shoes, this action walker will provide you with support like you’ve never had before, allowing you to revel on an experience as if you’re wearing a comfortable and exceptionally supportive running shoes.

It’s made with highly water-resistant, soft, full-grain leather material for a comfortable experience, paired up with a cushioned collar which contributes to this aspect as well. It has mid-density EVA midsole that’s highly flexible and lightweight, absorbing shock and minimizing the fatigue you’ll experience as you walk or run.

It also boasts a PU-Foam base, Mesh lining with moisture-wicking capabilities, and a breathable upper for absolute comfort for you to relish on. It provides unparalleled stability all throughout the day with its heel counter made of sturdy thermoplastic. It also has outsoles made of durable TPR which guarantees exceptional traction and grip.


  • Extremely comfortable and minimizes fatigue with shock-absorbing EVA midsole that’s also flexible and very lightweight.
  • Has Breathable mesh upper paired up with Mesh lining and PU-Foam Base.
  • Provides unparalleled stability with hell counter made of sturdy thermoplastic.


  • A bit expensive.
  • A bit hard to stand on for a long time.
  • Has old-style look which some women may not prefer.
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