Best Slip Resistant Shoes of 2016

Best Slip Resistant Shoes

Best Slip Resistant Shoes

What Is The Best Slip Resistant Shoes?

For those who are working in places or establishment where a day won’t pass by without you seeing a wet floor or even a puddle of water that may just possibly cause an accident, it is empirical for you to never go purchase a shoes just for the sake of being able to wear one.

You don’t have to go for the ones that cost astronomical, you should just take your time in searching and deciding the right qualities for the footwear that will support you in your work. If your workplace is just as mentioned at the beginning of this article, then what you should invest on is the best slip resistant shoes.

With the best slip resistant shoes, you don’t need to worry about slipping on wet floors during your work. However, getting a pair that can be considered at the pinnacle is easier said than done because the line of choices present is definitely overwhelming. You need to make sure that the one you’ll choose will perform magnificently, while also leaving you with more benefits than you can hope for.

It should preferably be comfortable and must have the proper support to let you have a strain-free work. Durability is also a must and of course, toughness and design are also a plus. Here are some of the best choices for both men and women, who would love to have nothing short of the best slip resistant shoes today.

1. Dr. Scholl’s Work TX Harrington Slip Resistant Work Oxford

Look exceptional while working while still having the proper amount of support and stability that will allow you to work flawlessly wherever you are, through this stylish work oxford that’s highly slip-resistant and equipped with topnotch qualities that will definitely astound you. It’s made with full-grain leather for its upper portion for guaranteed comfort and it also has a collar and tongue which comes with the conventional lace-up design.

It also boasts the product’s unique cushioned insole with Massaging Gel for superior shock-absorption capabilities and support that will help minimize your fatigue by a huge difference. It also has a noteworthy and exceptional Drilex lining that wicks moisture away and a superb ‘Aegis Microbe’ Shield for an odor-free and fresh feet all day long. Its TX Traction outsole completes the product’s topnotch standing with its exemplary grip and traction with slip-resistant feature.


  • Full-grain leather upper portion with collar and tongue to provide comfortable experience.
  • Has unique cushion with Massaging Gel for superior support and shock-absorbing capabilities.
  • Provides TX Traction outsole with superb slip-resistant feature.
  • Has Drilex Lining for wicking moisture away and a superb ‘Aegies Microbe’ Shield for odor-free and fresh feet all day.


  • A bit steep in price.
  • Durability problems with the sole of the product.
  • Squeaks a bit.

2. TownForst Men’s Work Oil and Slip Resistant Eamon Shoes

Work with no worries whether you’re in the restaurant or health industry with the use of this oil and slip resistant eamon shoes from TownForst that has an outsole which is proven to be exceptionally effective and outstanding. It has withstood various slip-resistance test, passing all of them with flying colors, guaranteeing that it won’t fail you when it comes to its non-slip feature.

Other than this, it will also provide you with more than adequate support through its cushioned insoles and midsole that’s highly flexible and lightweight which caters friction-free, shock-absorbing feature to minimize your fatigue and impact as you walk or run. It’s also one of the most affordable choice out in the market today, but without a compromised comfort or quality.

This exceptional shoes will surely be a great partner for you, allowing you to perform with ease and comfort all throughout the day.


  • Provides unparalleled slip-resistant capability that has passed all kinds of slip-resistance test.
  • Renders more than adequate support with its cushioned insoles and midsole that are highly flexible and lightweight which caters friction-free and shock-absorbing capabilities.
  • Looks great and highly affordable.


  • Not very durable as you may have initially expected.
  • A little bit stiffer than other products.

3. Sanita Addison Women’s Slip Resistant Clog

For women out there that craves to have an ultimate slip-resistant footwear that will allow comfortable and safe experience all throughout your work, whatever industry you might be in, then this simple clog, filled with everything you need is the best choice for you.

It incorporates a unique smart-step feature that the brand is most proud of, which renders it with superior slip-resistant feature that exceed the standards of the industry, guaranteeing that it won’t fail you no matter what. It has an outsole of polyurethane material with a frame made of hard plastic reinforcing its durability and providing a guaranteed stability which is essential for any use you may have for it.

It has a foot-bed built with arch support that’s anatomically engineered paired up with a toe box that’s incredibly roomy, providing superior comfort and support for an addicting experience. It is also very easy to clean and has full-leather in-sock built seamless at its heel area or even on the toe area, guaranteeing optimum comfort.


  • Extremely cozy and comfortable.
  • Provides superior slip-resistant feature with smart-step quality of the brand that also provides topnotch support and stability.
  • Has polyurethane-made outsole with a frame made of hard plastic.
  • Has state-of-the-art arch support and a roomy toe-box and seamless heel area.


  • A bit steep in price.
  • Lining lacks cushioning.
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