Best Tennis Shoes for Women of 2016

Best Tennis Shoes For Women

Best Tennis Shoes For Women

What Is Yhe Best Tennis Shoes For Women?

There are countless sports out there that caters to both men and women, and one of the most prevalent sports that women loves to play is Tennis. The exhilarating fun experience offered by this sport is indescribable and unquestionable. Each time you hit the ball back to the court of your opponent, you’ll obtain that feeling of accomplishment which will then be followed with your firm focus and attention.

This combination or mix of emotions as you play is one of the most loved aspect of this game. However, if you truly want to ace in this game and have a comfortable experience while being able to exhibit your utmost potential, then you definitely would need the best tennis shoes for women.

The best tennis shoes for women is more than for style as it will offer the best support and cushions that will allow any gal out there to give their all without worrying about unexpected injuries or over-exhaustion. Many shoes out there are specifically built to reduce fatigue and provide support in order to bring an individual, quick responses and turnovers in each shot you make.

Picking out lightweight and comfortable footwear is also a must, and although finding one that stands above the others may be quite hard, it’s still within your reach. Fortunately, you’re at the right place as I have prepared a short list of the best tennis shoes for women that will certainly be just the right piece of footwear you need.

1. Adidas Performance Women’s CC Rally Comp W Tennis Shoe

Taking improvement of tennis shoes in a whole new dimension, Adidas has yet again rendered a game-changing piece of equipment that will definitely be the perfect fit for the needs of women who love to play tennis. Though it’s specifically built to cater exceptional performance to players, it can certainly be used for other sports as well or even if you just want to take a stroll outside.

It has a very iconic and stylish design that would make you want to use it over and over again and is built with the player’s comfort in mind, allowing it to have topnotch breathability and lightweight feature for a superior experience. It has a ‘ClimaCool’ Semi-opaque Mesh upper with no break-in period, has awe-inspiring arch support and fits perfectly.

To add up to the support of the product, it has also integrated an EVA midsole that’s extremely supple, paired up with additional TPUs. You’ll also have over-the-top stability, flexibility and responsiveness while on the field with its excellent traction on all terrains due to its Outsole infused with AdiWear Tech.


  • Lightweight and very comfortable to use with its ‘ClimaCool’ Semi-opaque Mesh Upper material that fits perfectly.
  • Has EVA midsole paired up with additional TPUs and arch support for supreme stability and extra comfort.
  • Adiwear-Tech is infused on its outsole, guaranteeing topnotch stability, flexibility, responsiveness and support


  • A bit expensive.
  • Run a bit bigger on size.
  • Some users claimed that it lacks cushioning.

2. Asics Gel-Resolution 5 Tennis Shoe

When it comes to sport shoes and other types of shoes that provides support and comfort, Asics definitely aces in every aspect which makes it no mystery how they have successfully delivered one of the best tennis shoes for female players today. The advent of the Gel line of shoes from Asics has truly taken the world and the industry by storm which rendered the company with the idea of not overhauling the entire design, rather, to just provide improvements that will improve the experience of its user.

The most noticeable difference of this fifth upgrade of the model is its improvement on flexibility. Just like its Resolution 4 predecessor, it has a PGuard for the toe portion of the shoe but now, it’s slimmer than that. However, with improved flexibility, this provides a better fit for your toes, while rendering improvements on responsiveness of the shoes.

It also has a soft upper portion with completely padded tongue, along with superior layers of cushions that provides top-notch support that will surely allow you to perform even better. The unique Gel cushions of the product also allowed it to have incredible shock-absorbing prowess for better and smoother transitions. It comes with rubber outsole that’s highly abrasion-resistant, provides superior traction and provides unparalleled performance for the user.


  • Highly flexible and comfortable to wear with its perfect fit through its PGuard that also increases the shoe’s overall responsiveness.
  • Has soft upper material, a padded tongue and layers of superior cushions that will provide deluxe support and comfort.
  • Boasts unique Gel-cushions with exceptional shock-absorbing qualities and a rubber- outsole that renders high-quality traction.


  • Expensive.
  • Durability problems with the shoes.

3. Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Ladies Tennis Shoe

When it comes to shoes choices, Nike definitely won’t be left out of the loop of the brands that you may have probably considered already. For the ladies out there, this tennis shoe is undoubtedly one of the best you can get today as it combines numerous techs and innovative features that will provide you with exemplary performance as you play the game of tennis.

The perfect fit is one of the most important quality in playing and this product definitely aces that first category. It’s integrated with a fitting technology that adapts automatically, along with lightweight textiles which provides seamless upper with no distractions whatsoever, and an improved durability.

It has superb energy-returning feature with each step you make through its highly responsive cushions and lightweight Phylon Mid-soles. It also has breathtaking traction on hard court through the help of its Rubber outsole with ‘Herringbone’ pattern. Lastly, it provides smooth transitions with its mid-foot shanks, giving you more support and stability to fully utilize your overall potential.


  • Fits Perfectly with Adaptive Fitting Tech that’s also lightweight, durable and comfortable.
  • Has Phylon Mid-soles which provides superior energy-returning prowess with its high-quality cushions and lightweight textiles.
  • Mid-foot shank deliver great transition and traction with rubber outsole that’s paired with a herringbone pattern.


  • Expensive.
  • Runs small in size.
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