Best Waterproof Work Boots for Men of 2016

Best Waterproof Work Boots for Men

Best Waterproof Work Boots for Men

What Is The Best Waterproof Work Boots For Men?

All men have variety of needs when it comes to the work boots they need for their daily tasks. Each of them depends on the environment involved, and for those who are working on humid places or those which often face pools of water during their work, just any type of footwear definitely won’t work.

To overcome laborious tasks while making sure that even heaps of water won’t ruin your day and your footwear, you’ll need to equip the best waterproof work boots for men in existence today.

Not just because a brand claims that the footwear they sell have superior waterproof prowess, mean that they really are what you need. It is always essential to be intricate when picking out the best waterproof work boots for men as cutting it short will surely let you end up in disastrous results that will ruin your overall experience.

The pinnacle choice you must have should combine comfort, protection, durability and a topnotch construction that will repel and make sure that moisture, water and debris won’t make its way inside your boots. To guarantee you the experience you want, use one of these best waterproof work boots for men that has been tested and proven by various users across the globe.

1. Red Wing Men’s Waterproof Insulated Safety Toe Work Boots

When you’re reaching for a choices that’s undoubtedly at the pinnacle of the industry, then Red Wing is definitely the brand you would want to look for. This brand has delivered superfluously to various categories, catering nothing short of the most spectacular work boots that offers superior performance, durability, style and more.

This makes it no mystery how they were able to serve this superb waterproof work boots infused with certified electric-proof insulation that will protect you even if you stepped on open-wires during your work. Not only that, this stylish safety-toe boot is made with comfortable, full-grain supple leather for its upper portion packed with 400G of Ultra-thinsulate material.

The leather is overall waterproofed which means that your feet will remain dry no matter what happens and it’s packed with an aluminum toe that provides extreme protection. The outsole of the product also provides stability and support through its slip-resistant and oil-resistant prowess, adding up to the overall reassurance for exceptional safety.


  • Extremely durable, comfortable and supple leather construction.
  • Provides superior protection with certified electric-proof prowess, oil-resistant and slip-resistant outsole and a durable, sturdy aluminum toe.
  • Superior waterproof prowess and outsole that provides unparalleled stability and support.


  • Expensive.
  • A bit heavier than expected.
  • Sizing problems may exist.

2. Timberland White Ledge Waterproof Boot

Providing versatility at its finest, this outstanding waterproofed boot will provide you an excellent construction that allows it to be a perfect fit for work or even for long hikes. It doesn’t steel-toe protection which means that this will only be a choice for those who do not require such protective measures.

In turn, the lack of steel-toe protection means that the product is supremely lightweight which will render you with sleek, comfortable and fatigue-free experience. This stylish and epic-looking boot is made of water-resistant leather all-throughout, making sure that your feet remains dry and comfy every time.

The leather is also abrasion-resistant, reassuring you of its overall durability and quality. It also fits perfectly with its padded collar and serves up a delectable amount of cushioning through its Midsole that has double the density from regular midsoles, guaranteeing maximum support and comfort. It boasts a rubber lug-sole with a unique motion-efficiency system, adding up to the product’s support and overall stability.


  • Comfortable with its upper leather construction that’s also highly durable, abrasion-resistant and waterproofed.
  • Has supple padded collar and a motion-efficiency system embedded on its lug-sole that’s made of rubber.
  • Light for a work boot and has midsoles with double density for superior cushioning system. 


  • A bit expensive.
  • Ankle support is a bit disappointing.
  • Sole is not very durable.

3. Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6 Plain Soft Toe Boot

If you think that you can’t probably have a surreal experience without breaking your bank, then think again after experiencing this versatile soft-toe boot that will fit any type of work with ease. Whether you’re facing laborious work or very light options, this boot will never fail to deliver to you a performance that’s noticeably on-par with high-end products today.

It has a nubuck or full-grain oiled leather for its upper material which is highly durable, comfortable and waterproof. It has a mesh-lining of nylon material to render superior breathability of the product and adds comfort through its padded collar. To contribute to the product’s breathability, while allowing your feet to remain dry and fresh all the time, the product also integrated a moisture-wicking ‘Climasphere’ Sock-liner, which also makes sure that you’ll have a cool experience for your foot.

It’s built together with an exemplary, Goodyear Welt Construction for superior durability and a steel-shank for great extraordinary support. A rubber midsole also adds up to the cushioning system of the product while its outsole delivers peerless grip and traction on all terrains with its abrasion, heat, oil and slip-resistant prowess.


  • Waterproof and comfortable to wear with its Full-grain or Nubuck Upper leather.
  • Has plenty of cushioning and support with its rubber midsole, padded collar, steel shank, and outstanding outsole which is also resistant to slipping, oil, heat and abrasions.
  • Extremely durable with its Goodyear Welt Construction and has moisture-wicking Sock-liner for superior breathability.


  • Difficult break-in period.
  • A bit narrower than you may expect.
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