Best Waterproof Work Boots For Women Of 2016

Best Waterproof Work Boots For Women

Best Waterproof Work Boots For Women

What Is The Best Waterproof Work Boots For Women?

Whether it’s for construction purposes or for other difficult and heavy jobs, industries have definitely become more lenient in their job description. Before, men were only allowed to work for heavy duty jobs like construction and alike, however, it has indeed experienced a huge change since today, even women are accepted by them.

Since various industry linked to this type of jobs have recently experienced a boom, more and more people from both genders are all looking forward to have a bite of this action. With this in mind, the best waterproof work boots for women is definitely an indispensable equipment for a female worker, whether you’re up for a day on the construction yard, or even on normal day jobs or activities where you need to have toughness, protection and comfort.

The best waterproof work boots for women is definitely different from what men has. This is because of various reason, but most boil down to the sizing and design. The size of shoes of women are different from the sizing of men, which makes it more difficult for them if they insist on getting a men’s shoes.

Also, even if it’s for work or for anything else, they still value fashion and a comfortable experience which makes design just as important as well. To bring you some ideas of what you can buy for yourself, here’s a list of the best waterproof work boots for women that I’ve managed to searched through the internet, which is also raved by many users worldwide.

1. Wolverine Women’s Durashocks Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boots

With this brown, incredibly ravishing steel-toe work boots produce by Wolverine, one of the most raved brand in the industry today, women across the world will surely be able to indulge on both the advantages of being safe and protected, along with an exquisite comfort that will bring it all together.

It comes with a rubber outsole that’s packed with unbelievable traction and grip, providing you supreme stability with its slip resistance. Its exterior design is made with leather that’s completely waterproof, guaranteeing you that your feet will stay dry no matter how severe the water levels you meet.

For added protection, it comes with top-notch steel-toes, but with less weight than average steel-toe boots, which contributes in maximizing the comfort of its wearer. It also further guarantees dry feet all throughout the day with cushioned linings on its insoles that will eliminate sweat. Women will surely have an easier experience as they wear this completely enticing boots.


  • Provides comfortable experience with its exterior made of waterproof leather along with cushions that supports your movement.
  • Made with steel-toe for absolute protection, but with less weight for maximum comfort.
  • Guarantees dry feet for the day with cushioned linings that eliminates sweat.


  • Could use a little more flexibility.
  • Some users found that breaking-in was a little tougher than normal boots.
  • There are some users who experienced sizing issues.

2. Timberland Pro Women’s Titan Waterproof Boot

Timberland has indeed, done it again this time, with its exemplary titan waterproof boot that is specifically made for women around the globe. This will surely spell a difference in the performance of a female worker, as it’s completely made with comfort, support and performance in mind. Its proportions are made specifically to make a perfect fit for women, while possessing optimum features that will make it even better.

Its full-grain leather is waterproofed, guaranteeing that your feet will stay dry for the day while also having a soft leather inside that allows easy and quick break-in. It also has surreal ankle support to maximize the comfort you’ll experience, along with an toe-protection made from Titan Alloy which will also serve a roomy cap.

It also has a wonderful mesh lining that will provide anti-microbial features and odor-control, a nylon diffusion-shank that will give you more support, and a Polyurethane midsole that will serve you with durability. Its rubber outsole is also superior from others as it has excellent grip and traction, while also having slip and oil resistant prowess.


  • Has plethora of features that will serve comfort and protection at its finest.
  • Made with alloy toe-protection that’s sturdy, but lighter which maximizes comfort.
  • Made with full-grain leather that’s waterproof, along with soft, inside leather for easy break-in period.
  • Has odor-control, anti-microbial and other supportive features that will maximize the comfort of users.


  • Soles wear out faster than expected.
  • It’s not completely lightweight as claimed by some users.

3. John Deere Women’s Steel-Toe Lace-up Work Boots

Made with nothing short of the best materials, from its exterior up to its interior setup, users of this work boots will surely find it irresistible, especially if you value a comfortable experience with the right amount of protection and support. It’s made with high quality walnut leather that’s oiled, which makes it waterproof and easy to clean.

It also has steel toe to bring your feet unparalleled protection while providing steel shanks that will support you as you use it. Aside from being waterproof, it’s also electricity proof which further guarantees you that it will protect you well from unexpected occasions you may face in your workplace or anywhere else.

It also has odor-control features that will also help keep your feet stay dry for the day for maximum comfort. Aside from this, it’s constructed with Goodyear welt for superior durability along with Polyurethane outsole that offers supreme grip and traction.


  • Has incredible durability, waterproof feature and easy-to-clean exterior.
  • Provides protection with steel-toe, packed with electricity proof feature and steel shanks for unrivaled support.
  • Has odor-control feature and helps feet stay dry for the whole day.


  • Some users claimed it’s narrower than expected.
  • May take time to break-in
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