Best Winter Hiking Boots Of 2016

Best Winter Hiking Boots

Best Winter Hiking Boots

What Is The Best Winter Hiking Boots?

The temperature may drop during the winter season, but this will never be enough to extinguish the scorching heat that’s oozing from our adventurous spirit. One of the most exhilarating expedition that you can go to even during the cold temperature is hiking. Traversing various terrains and challenges up a mountain is doubled during the winter season as there are more platforms that are more slippery and wetter than during the normal days.

It is important to have equipment that will keep you warm and cozy during your trip across the freezing weather, but seeing as your feet is what you’ll rely most during hiking, it is empirical for you to have the best winter hiking boots that will serve you with far more than comfort.

Your Winter Hiking Boots must definitely have the capability to keep your feet warm and safe all throughout your journey, but more than that, it must also ace other features that will surely help you during your Hiking venture. It must be made with the highest quality materials that will help your feet remain dry with its waterproof prowess and it must also have enough support to make your journey comfortable than ever.

As the terrains ahead may be a lot more slippery, your footwear should also have great grip and traction to keep you safe during your trip. This investment is certainly very important and to help you pick the best winter hiking boots to ease you from any worries, here’s a list of the ones that have truly caught my attention and satisfied my intricate nature.

1. Muck Boots Peak Essential

This award-winning and deluxe winter footwear will prove to bring you the finest versatility you can ever hope for. It can be used from the most basic activities that involves traversing in the snow and it will also work excellently as you hike the treacherous mountain paths. Users raved this product due to its upscale and top-class insulation prowess that will protect your feet from the cold weather and keep it warm and dry all throughout your journey.

It will work flawlessly even when faced with -20 degrees Fahrenheit temperature with its 4mm Flex-foam CR and it even has a sock-liner and fleece lining that will contribute to a more comfortable experience for you.

It has an exemplary EVA Cushioned Midsole that will provide you with satisfying support and an outsole that tops the bar when it comes to traction and grip which is necessary for hiking. It also has rubber guards for your heels and toe to guarantee the safety of your feet, making sure that you have nothing to worry about with this footwear.


  • Has topnotch waterproof and insulation to keep your feet warm and dry
  • Has cushioned midsole, sock-liner and fleece lining to render you with comfortable experience
  • Possesses great traction and grip


  • Expensive
  • Tread design can use some improvements
  • There are users who had size problems in buying the product.

2. Hanwag Omega GTX

With all the factors that makes a hiking boot excellent, packed in a high-quality and head-turning design, it is apparent why this Omega GTX has become a quick favorite of many hikers all throughout the globe. This alpine boots is a must-have for your winter hiking expedition as it will surely provide you with the necessary warmth, comfort and protection with a custom-fit feature through its unique Vari-Volume System.

It’s upper portion is made with tough Bergrind-Leather material that makes it durable while its Graded Memory insole and Gore-Tex Liner provides a comfortable experience for you. It boasts a rubber rand, Deep-Pull Lacing, and construction with reduced seams to that adds to the support and comfort you’ll experience with this product.

Its heels are equipped with topnotch shock-absorption prowess while it has a Vibram-Alpin Sole which will complete your experience. You can even wear this product down to over -15 degrees Celsius.


  • Boasts Deep-Pull Lacing, Elevated Brim with rubber rand, Heel Fix and Reduced seams that contributes to overall comfort of user.
  • Has excellent shock-absorption and support for its heels.
  • Great thermal insulation and waterproof prowess that will keep your feet warm and dry even up to -15 Degrees Celsius.


  • Extremely Expensive
  • Heavy

3. Lowa Renegade Ice GTX

Explore and have fun even during the winter with this exceptional footwear that will keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable even with the freezing temperature. Your feet is guaranteed to remain dry once you slip this topnotch shoes on your feet since it has a Gore-Tex insert that will keep water off from your shoes while also helping it remain breathable for a comfortable experience.

Helping your feet remain dry is also not enough – it should also remain warm, and with the unique Partalena Fleece-insulation of this marvelous product, you’ll erase the coldness away from your feet all throughout your trip. It’s made with full-grain and Nubuck Leather that ensures the durability of the product, while it has an exclusive Mono-wrap PU Midsole that contributes to an unparalleled support and shock absorption that you’ll surely love.

Its G3 Outsole will then provide you with unrivaled grip and traction which is necessary to traverse the slippery and treacherous ice paths you’ll meet on your way.


  • Has Partalena Fleece-insulation for Warmth.
  •  Gore-Tex insert guarantees Breathability and waterproof prowess of product.
  • Has G3 Outsole for Supreme Grip and Traction.
  • Extremely Durable and comfortable with Full-grain and Nubuck leather along with Mono-Wrap PU Midsole


  • Expensive
  • Runs small
  • Some users claimed that the sole could use some improvement.
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