Best Work Boots for Concrete of 2016

Best Work Boots for Concrete

Best Work Boots for Concrete

What Is The Best Work Boots For Concrete?

You may not believe it at first, but not all solid platforms have equal dense qualities that enable them to flex when in-contact with the body weight of an individual. Some are softer even just by a bit and at the pinnacle of solid platforms, you’ll find the compact and exceptionally dense concrete.

Working on concrete can be far more exhausting than you think. Without the capability to flex due to its compact build, each time you move on it, you’ll feel the impact and fatigue faster than on any other platforms. However, ignoring such predicament while on work definitely won’t do because if you want to perform at your best, getting the best work boots for concrete floors is very important.

With the best work boots for concrete, you’ll be provided with the essential support you need to withstand the impact while you work, allowing you to reach the peak of your performance while reducing the stress and impact you feel while you work. This will allow you to work longer hours without feeling any fatigue on your feet, while also rendering you a pain-free experience.

Aside from such qualities, your boots should preferably be easy to clean and use, and must be able to render you with the stability and durability you deserve. Get through long hours of work each day through the help of these best work boots for concrete I’ve successfully rounded up to help you solve your problems.

1. Irish Setter Men’s 6-Inch Work Boot

With the overwhelming support, comfort and performance of this work boot, you’ll be able to stay at tip-toe condition all throughout the day even if you’re working on or in the concrete. This state-of-the-art work boot is built to last longer than average products out there and its performance will surely exceed your wildest imagination as well.

It’s supple, full-grain upper leather construction is built together with firm, triple stitches that has made it possible to withstand considerable amounts of beating. Its traditional lacing-system contributes to that perfect fit and makes sure that it will be secure with brass hardware as its D-rings. This topnotch equipment is also integrated with generous amount of cushions in order to make sure that you’ll be able to take the beating impact from concrete or any other platform you work on.

It has a PU Foot-bed, a padded collar and tongue, and a V-grip PU outsole with double the density compared to other boots, which all contribute to the product’s overall comfort and flexibility. The product also meets safety standards through its soft-toe that’s light, but will surely provide your toe with proper protection.


  • Built with Full-grain upper leather construction held together with triple-stitching which makes it incredibly durable and long-lasting.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear with its V-Grip PU Outsole with Double Density and a PU Foot-bed.
  • Meets Safety Standard with Reliable and Sturdy Soft-toe.


  • A bit expensive.
  • May be tight in width for some users.

2. Red Wing Heritage Men’s 6-Inch Moc Toe Lug Boot

Red Wing, one of the most revered brands on the market today, renders the best and most exhilarating boots that will undeniably render you what you need to work flawlessly on hard concrete or any other platforms. It comes with an everlasting, awe-inspiring design that you’ll certainly be more than happy to wear every day.

Its upper construction is built with durable and reliable full-grain leather, that’s also waterproofed, rendering any form of liquid unable to ruin your day. Its majestic embossed logo along with seven-eyelet lacing-system procures an attractive appeal while giving a perfect fit for your foot. It has a moisture-wicking, supple and smooth lining made of leather to ensure that your feet will stay dry and fresh all throughout the day.

It’s equipped with a foot-bed made of supple leather to provide you durable and reliable support while its outsole with flexible crepe renders unyielding traction and support while also minimizing and reducing impact and shock which is perfect for working on or in concrete. This leather boot as truly mesmerized countless users across the globe and it surely isn’t an overstatement to claim it as a must-have for anyone out there who’s looking for a superb boots.


  • Made with water-proofed, smooth and supple full-grain leather that’s incredibly durable and reliable.
  • Equipped with moisture-wicking lining to keep feet dry and fresh with a perfect fit leather foot-bed to provide comfort and support.
  • Has an outsole flexible crepe with impact-proof and shock-absorbing capabilities for superior traction and grip.


  • Expensive.
  • Heavy.

3. Wolverine Durashocks SR Direct-Attach 6-Inch Boot

Equipped with all essential qualities to bring you everything you’d hope for in a working boot that will render you superior experience, support and comfort, this durashocks boot from wolverine will surely be an instant favorite of yours for years to come.

Its upper construction is built with a prestigious, durable authentic full-grain leather brought together by direct, permanent attachment that helps seal and ensure that water won’t invade the interior of your shoes no matter what. Adding to its waterproof prowess is a moisture-wicking Dri-Lex Lining for superior comfort through keeping your foot fresh and dry.

It has phenomenal energy-returning capability with its outsole with the brand’s Durashock Polyurethane material which provides unyielding support, stability and traction. The cushioning system of this boots is also divine as it has a foot-bed with double density along with a midsole made of lightweight polyurethane to give you durable support. Its peerless fiberglass shank that’s highly lightweight compared to steel, provides an incomparable stabilizing capability to render you a fatigue-free experience all throughout your working day.


  • Constructed with authentic Full-grain leather which is brought together with direct, permanent attachment to guarantee optimum water-repellant prowess along with a moisture-wicking lining.
  • Has superior cushion system with its polyurethane midsole and dual-density foot-bed which provides support, comfort and stability.
  • Built with light, reliable fiberglass shank and a Durashocks Polyurethane outsole for maximum energy-return, stability and fatigue and impact reduction.


  • Expensive.
  • Not that wide as advertised.
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