Best Work Boots For Men Of 2016

Best Work Boots For Men

Best Work Boots For Men

What Is The Best Work Boots For Men?

In our world filled with the unexpected, especially during work hours, men today always need to get their heads up and always be on alert for possible accidents that may occur. The last thing that we definitely wouldn’t want to experience is getting hurt and worse, being unable to continue our work and forced to take a leave for recovery.

In work, we our constantly walking while working, which makes it evident that our feet is irrefutably important for us. There are many tasks that requires the full ability of our feet and it is at our best interest to bestow them with the proper protection by buying nothing short of the best work boots for men.

Though some may think that finding the best work boots for men is not something you should fully focus on, you should definitely change your mindset as the products standing at the pinnacle of the industry can do more than just protect your toes and feet.

These boots can also help you prevent accidents such as tripping, slipping or even more amazing, countering electric charges and being indestructible in the face of nails, which will reassure your safety even in the most strenuous work place. If you are now convinced that you’ll need one of these, then you may already be finding yourself searching blindly in all places.

Thankfully, this article will serve as a helping hand to your search by bringing you this list of the best work boots for men that was intricately searched through the vast sea of internet, which will undeniably bring you the satisfying results you’ve been looking for.

1. Timberland Pro Men’s Titan Waterproof Work Boot

Time itself has already proven the worth of this legendary boots that have already been on the industry for over three decades. Although many boots have already came and went, it still remained as one of the best and irrefutably, also part of the most comfortable category. Many people have raved this product countless times as it has one of its most revered feature, the ‘Power Fit’ Comfort System, paired up with other benefits it will render its user.

The unique technology called ‘Power Fit Comfort’ that’s integrated on this work boot renders support to the key areas of an individual’s feet, allowing you to have the most breathtaking experience even when under rigorous tasks. Aside from this, the boots is also proud of its completely slip-resistant features even from oil, along with abrasion resistance that guarantees its durability.

You can use it continuously from the moment you bought it as it also takes pride of its ‘no break-in’ period. It’s also highly revered due to its undeniably durability that will allow you to be with it for years and years of usage.


  • Has ‘Power Fit Comfort’ System that provides supreme comfort by supporting key areas of an individual’s feet.
  • Completely Slip-resistant even from oil, along with abrasion resistance guaranteeing its durability.
  • No Break-in Period and is extremely durable that can withstand years of intense usage.


  • Its design is not the most innovative.
  • Some user have felt disappointed with its claim of durability.
  • Leaked from soles after few months.

2. Wolverine Men’s Gold Insulated Waterproof Work Boot

Want something that looks incredibly great when compared to its peers? Look no more as this Wolverine Insulated and Waterproof Work Boot will definitely fit your description and bill. As the name suggests, it comes in a gold and completely stylish design that would make you proud to wear it anywhere, even when you’re not at work.

It’s incredibly lightweight and guaranteed to be waterproof. Its innovative design also allows your feet to indulge a completely breathable experience through its top-notch leather material. It is completely resistant against slipping from water or oil, abrasions, heat and even chemicals. It also comes with a rubber sole which guarantees superior durability that won’t wear out for years.

You’ll also be reassured even if you’re faced with rigorous activities during the winter as it also comes with thinsulate material that will guarantee to warm your feet. This work boots is specifically designed to last for years and remain durable and flexible.


  • Great Design and very compelling appearance.
  • Lightweight, resistant to slipping from oil and water, chemicals, abrasions and heat.
  • Extremely durable and will warm your feet with its unique thinsulate.


  • Soft soles may not be as durable as harder soles out there.
  • Some users had problem with the sizing of the products they’ve received.
  • There are some that experienced durability problems with it.

3. Caterpillar Diagnostic Hi Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot

A single glance at this product and you’ll immediately realize how tough it is and how much beating it can take without even flinching. This sturdy-looking work boots is definitely the one you’ll want to add to your arsenal as its steel-toe will guarantee your protection while its plethora of features will bring you exemplary comfort with it.

Its steel toe, along with its electricity proof feature comes in ATSM standard which guarantees its effectiveness. It has a completely dependable steel shank, ankle support to grant you more comfort, along with internal paddings to make it even more surreal of an experience. It also comes with rubber outsoles that are shock and slip-resistant, bringing you the best support and safety, respectively. It also comes with unique thermal insulation that will help you keep your feet warm if ever you face cold days ahead of you.


  • Has steel-toe protection and electricity proof feature that comes in ATSM standard which guarantees its effectiveness.
  • Provides supreme comfort and support with steel-shanks ankle support and slip and shock-resistant prowess.
  • Keep feet warm with unique thermal insulation.


  • Sizing issues.
  • Durability is not the best.
  • Some users claimed that its waterproof feature is not very effective.
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