Best Work Boots For Women Of 2016

Best Work Boots For Women

Best Work Boots For Women

What Is The Best Work Boots For Women?

Our age today warrants women to work just as hard as men does. Today, women are also exposed to various components and factors that will surely prove to be tiring and for those who are working in construction areas, factories and such, it’s evident that they are more prone to dangers than others.

However, wherever you fall between the two, it will always be wiser to not be lazy when it comes to picking your footwear. The importance of footwear is sometimes ignored by many, but no one will surely be able to deny it that the best work boots for women will surely allow you to work more comfortably anywhere, while guaranteeing your safety and protection.

There are not that many work boots for women today when compared to the shelves for boys, however, it doesn’t mean that getting the best work boots for women is easy. It still poses a dilemma as there are still some out there that won’t uphold to their claims. 

It is important that what you pick will provide you with the superior protection and versatility that you deserve, while also proving to be extremely comfortable, light and more supportive. To bring you ease and relieve you from your worries, I’ll render you with some of the best work boots for women that worked for me, which will surely perform excellent for all of you as well.

1. Caterpillar Women’s Echo Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot

For working women, style, performance and durability are important features that must all be found in a work boot for it to provide satisfactory result that any girl will surely love. These Echo work boot fits this description quite perfectly and it’s even ATSM-rated, guaranteeing that it will certainly do what it claims to do.

The rating it received strengthens the fact that this work boot undoubtedly has superior protection when compared to your average work boots. Whether you face compression or impact problems, this work boot will certainly render your feet safe and free from worries all throughout the day.

It’s constructed with high quality leather that’s completely waterproof and is even seam-sealed to not let any moisture in. This means your feet is ensured to stay dry and fresh all the time. You also wouldn’t have to worry about comfort as this product provides astronomical support to user while rendering a breathable environment with Nylex and supple nylon mesh linings.

The outsoles are also at the pinnacle of this category as it has surprising grip and traction along with slip-resistant prowess that will ensure your safety. Whatever situation you face, with this work boots, you’ll be able to conquer them in style.


  • Has stylish exterior made of quality materials that makes it waterproof and highly durable
  • Provides topnotch support and breathable environment to bring you supreme comfort
  • Slip-resistant and possesses great grip and traction


  • Expensive
  • Not lightweight

2. Rocky Women’s Aztec Steel Toe Work Boot

This brand has numerous entries for the top work boots for women that will provide supreme comfort and protection even when faced in a tough and dangerous environment. This specific model is seen as the one that’s most fit for work even when it comes to facing construction tasks. The leading reason that will convince you to purchase this product is the fact that it is ATSM-certified, which means that it’s an effective defense against even the most powerful compression and impact situations that may meet your way.

The boots is made with high quality and sturdy full grain leather and nylon of about 900-denier, which has made it so durable that it’s resistant from tears and abrasions. The rubber outsole it possesses boasts supreme grip and traction, providing unrivaled traction and grip that’s necessary for any types of work.

It’s integrate with an EVA footbed for supreme comfort while your arch will be supported with its nylon shank. You surely wouldn’t find any regular boots out there that will have the same quality as this tempting work boots, making it a must for you to buy.


  • Constructed with high quality materials of grain leather and nylon of about 900-denier which makes it durable, sturdy and tear and abrasion resistant
  • Has great traction and grip with durable rubber outsoles
  • Provides EVA Footbed and nylon shank support, with ATSM-certified protection.


  • Expensive
  • Not lightweight

3. John Deere Women’s Steel Toe Lace-Up Work Boots

This work boot has irrefutably gained a lot of popularity and reputation since its advent and you’ll surely be convinced that it’s definitely deserving of the stature it has today. This product infuses protection, quality, durability, style and performance all in a pair of work boots and this makes it evident that it will certainly provide you with everything you need for work.

It’s ATSM-certified for both its incredibly sturdy and durable steel toe and high quality Electric resistance prowess. It’s made with supple and stylish, Nubuck leather that’s oiled which guarantees its durability and appearance. You will also be astounded with its rubber outsole that’s lightweight and has supreme traction and grip that will undoubtedly satisfy your needs. I

It has tempered steel-shanks, padded collar and even midsoles, which will surely render you with adequate support and comfort that will allow you to work all day without feeling sore or tired.


  • Has ATSM-certified Steel toe and Electric resistance capabilities.
  • Made with high quality leather and has flexible rubber outsole with great traction and grip.
  • Provides supreme support with midsoles, steel shanks and padded collar


  • Expensive
  • There are users who had durability problems with the product
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