How To Break In Work Boots

How To Break In Work Boots

How To Break In Work Boots

How To Break In Work Boots Fast

It is definitely an exciting feeling as you open up that box that’s been delivered to your doorstep and seeing the wonderful work boots you’ve been waiting for in days. However, you may feel that after trying it out and wearing it, it is somehow disappointing and not as comfortable as you have imagined. Don’t fret as it is still not certain if the product failed you or not since you still have to give it time to break in. Some work boots take a lot of time to do this, while some don’t. However, it is still necessary for you to properly learn how to break in work boots in the best possible way.

There are many ways, tricks or tactics of how to break in work boots. Your overall experience will depend on how you do it, since it is definitely a certainty that a few unwanted bruises may appear on your feet if you hasten the process. If you want to have the best experience right from the start, be patient and learn some of these tips on how to break in work boots which will surely help you a hand in your predicament.

1. Break in your Work Boots Gradually

Instead of breaking in your work boots in few days, but with extended usage of more than 10 hours in each day, it is more preferable if you start off from a few minutes a day, then increase your time of usage. This is to ensure that you won’t get injuries, blisters and aches from your experience while trying to break in your work boots.

2. Never attempt to Break in If you Have Blisters, Aches and More

If you already have problems like this, don’t risk it by breaking in your work boots as it will surely bring you more catastrophic and uncomfortable experiences.

3. Use Hot Water To Break In

This method is not uncommon and it is more often use by military men and women. It is done by submerging the boots in hot water for half an hour then wearing it for half to a full hour. Before wearing it, remove the water first. Also, remember to seek the advice of the manufacturer before you do this. Many leather shrink if submerge in water which sometimes makes this treatment a big no-no for some.

4. Cold Water To Break In

If you have more time, you can also do this treatment. You can do it by putting cold water on an airtight zip-lock bag, then removing excess air within it. After that’s done, you should place it inside the boots, put it in the freezer and let it turn into ice. The idea behind this is that the ice will solidify and push the walls of the work boots in order to break in it.

5. Choose Work Boots With Less Break In Time

Truth be told, there are many work boots that require more time to break in than usual, which makes it necessary to be careful not to choose them if you’re in a hurry to use a comfortable boots. Here are some choices that you can take into account.

Timberland Pro Men’s Soft Toe Boot

The comfort and protection this soft toe boot from timberland is definitely unparalleled and will surely bring you the experience you deserve. It looks ravishing and it comes with waterproof leather that will help your feet remain dry all throughout the day even if you face puddles of water along your way. It also has great traction and grip served by its top-notch rubber outsoles that’s also slip-resistant.

It will serve you with the right size that will be perfect for you and your feet which will maximize your comfortable experience even more. With its insulated interior, you’ll also be reassured that your feet will stay warm and dry even in cold weathers. It also boasts anti-microbial treatments packed in its footbed and lining that will help keep your feet fresh and odor-free. Also, it takes less time to break in and with its perfect fit, you’ll surely find yourself comfortable and blister-free even if you still haven’t broken in it yet.


  • Waterproof leather and provides anti-microbial linings and foot beds for fresh and odor-free feet.
  • Boasts durable and comfortable support and cushions
  • Provides blister-free experience while breaking in it.


  • Not the most durable especially when faced with heavier jobs.
  • Sole breaks apart after few months of usage as claimed by some users.

Thorogood Men’s American Heritage Moc Toe Boots

A look at this Thorogood boots and you’ll be convinced in an instant, how comfortable and durable it is. Many users raved it for lasting years over years of treacherous jobs and terrains that will surely put any boots to shame. It is also extremely comfortable and supportive with its footbed that comes in dual-density which drastically absorbs shock with its cushion insoles, making every walk completely stress-free.

Along with that, it has integrated a unique anti-fatigue feature, a fiberglass shank for arch support, rubber outsoles and vibram wedges, to provide more support to maximize the comfort of its user. It’s made with Goodyear Welt and a beautiful oil-tanned leather with incredibly supple cotton vamp drill lining for supreme comfort and durability.


  • Boasts supreme comfort and durability that will last for years with its oil-tanned leather and Goodyear Welt material.
  • Has Dual-density Footbed for maximum shock absorption, Anti-fatigue system, fiberglass shanks and more supportive features than you can imagine.
  • Has soft cushions as insoles for maximum support and easy break-in period.


  • Some users experienced that the sole broke apart a little too soon than they’ve expected.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Some users claimed that its softness and supreme comfort may not be fit for heavy and hard tasks.
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