Most Comfortable Work Boots for Men of 2016

Most Comfortable Work Boots for Men

Most Comfortable Work Boots for Men

What Is The Most Comfortable Work Boots for Men?

Working day in and day out is undeniably exhausting and what can make it worse is a pair of work boots that just isn’t cut out to bring you the comfort you’ll need to have a fatigue-free and pain-free work day. Aside from protection for your feet, your experience with your footwear will tell a lot about your performance.

Most men won’t put too much effort in choosing what work boots to wear as the better choices have higher price tags. However, contrary to what you may believe, investing on the most comfortable work boots for men will undeniably pay off in the long run rather than suffering from low quality footwear that may even result in giving you blisters, injuries and more.

There’s a world of difference between the most comfortable work boots for men, from those choices that are at the bottom of the pack. Investing time and money for the best ones will give you the support, comfort and other advantages you need to have a worry-free day.

You need to take into account characteristics such as durability, protection, warmth, cushions for support, and even advance technologies that may give you a more relaxing experience. Here are some of the best choices for the most comfortable work boots for men which, at the end of the day, will render you with the serene experience you’ve been dying to have.

1. Thorogood American Heritage 6-Inch Moc Toe Boot

Stray away from conventional boots and start looking at more innovative approaches that brings style, comfort and performance all-together. This moc toe boot from Thorogood is a perfect fit for that description and you’ll certainly be more than satisfied with its high-quality built, performance and breathtaking style that will certainly make you the subject of limelight wherever you go.

The most noticeable, stand-out feature of this boot is its white wedge soles that’s highly slip-resistant, non-marking and durable. Its upper portion is brought together with durable, ‘Goodyear Welt Construction’, with an oil-tanned, tobacco gladiator leather material. The combination of the outsole and the upper portion is incredibly sturdy, firm and easy-to-repair.

You’ll also feel comfortable once you slip your feet into this shoes through its soft, heavenly cushions and cotton-drill vamp lining that will provide you astonishing support throughout the day. It boasts a stunning Poron-4000 Cushion along with a shock absorbing, removable insert that will reduce impact, stress and fatigue. Its springy interior will allow you to have efficient movement with minimize usage of energy, allowing you to perform at your finest every day.


  • Has oil-tanned, tobacco gladiator leather for its upper portion and a white wedge, slip-resistant outsole that’s combined through ‘Goodyear Welt Construction’ for superior durability.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear with its Poron-4000 Cushion, Shock-absorbing insert and cotton-drill vamp lining which provides unparalleled support as well.
  • Springy interior reduces stress, fatigue and impact which minimizes usage of energy so you’ll remain comfortable all throughout the day.


  • Expensive.
  • Some users didn’t like the leather that’s super soft as it wore out sooner than they’ve expected.

2. Dr. Marten’s Fusion Safety Toe Chelsea Boot

Want to stand out? With this Chelsea-styled boot, you’ll surely be able to walk proudly with no worries and coming from Dr. Marten’s it’s already expected that this shoes is built with utmost comfort in mind, bringing you nothing short of a spectacular experience you would love to have over and over again.

It comes in full-grain leather construction for its upper portion for maximum durability and has a side-goring with pull-tab that’s extremely flexible for easy wearing. The sole of the shoes is also air-cushioned, providing superior comfort paired up with anti-static effect for safety. It has a PU foot-bed to provide improved comfort and a patterned sole with double density which renders phenomenal rigidity for your mid-foot area.

It has a safety toe-cap that passed impact-protection standards with flying colors and an abrasion oil and slip resistant outsole with heel-strike area built with incomparable shock-absorbing capabilities.


  • Unique Chelsea-designed shoes with upper full-grain leather and abrasion, slip and oil resistant outsole, constructed through Goodyear Welt which makes sure that it’s durable, firm and sturdy.
  • Has PU foot-bed and Patterned double density sole for superior comfort, support and rigidity.
  • Provides maximum safety with toe-cap and anti-static prowess along with exhilarating shock-absorbing heel-strike area.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Tight in the heels which may discomfort some users.
  • A bit heavy.

3. Timberland Pro Direct-attach Soft-Toe Boot

This sweet soft-toe boot is undeniably a must-have especially if you want to experience versatility at its finest, paired up with comfort that will surely make you feel fatigue-free even after a long day of hard work. Its directly-attached feature and waterproof, upper leather construction renders it a high-quality overall water-repellant feature that will keep your feet dry, fresh and comfortable regardless of how tough the environment you’re working on.

It has a stunning mesh-lining integrated with anti-microbial properties to contribute to keeping your feet fresh while also preventing it from gaining bad odor. It has a plastic midsole that’s lightweight which guarantees the boot’s flexibility paired up with an astounding shock-diffusion plate that will cater peerless support for you.

It also has an open-cell foot-bed made of polyurethane which also contributes to the odor-control of the product and its overall breathability for superior comfort. It has a rubber lug-sole that’s non-marking, slip and oil resistant and reliable grip and traction.


  • Has incredible waterproof capability with its waterproof leather constructed with seam-sealed quality to obtain optimum water-repellant feature.
  • Keep feet fresh, dry, odor-free and comfortable through its Mesh-lining and Open-cell Foot-bed with Polyurethane equipped with anti-microbial properties for superior breathability.
  • Has shock-diffusion plate for maximum support, a plastic midsole built to cater flexibility and a reliable lug-sole that has high traction and resistant from slipping, oil and marks.


  • Expensive.
  • Not very heavy-duty which means that it’s not cut out for the biggest, most laborious tasks.
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